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FCC Approves Net Neutrality in Historic Vote

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Tom Wheeler FCC
In spite of Republicans members of the Federal Communications Committee voting against any regulation of private corporations providing web services, the Washington Post reports the FCC did what the vast majority of Americans wanted. Under the rules, it will be illegal for companies such as Verizon or Cox Communications to slow down streaming videos, games and other online content traveling over their networks. They also will be prohibited from establishing “fast lanes” that speed up access to Web sites that pay an extra fee. And in an unprecedented move, the FCC could apply the rules to wireless carriers, such as T-Mobile and Sprint, in a nod to the rapid rise of smartphones and the mobile Internet.

  • BlackRockLifer

    Republicans don’t really believe in basic fairness, they advocate only for the wealthy and powerfull. The idea that all citizens have equal access is contrary to the Republican philosophy of enabling the entitled class to ensure their continued dominance of our political process.