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Misspelling February

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A few weeks ago Artvoice not only misspelled February…. we had that big, bold FEBUARY on a full page back cover promotion for our Mind, Body, Soul issue. And boy did we hear about it!! In a kind effort to make us feel better, Artvoice reader Marty Bessant led us to an article in the national section of today’s Washington Post “Confidential to the White House: You guys are misspelling ‘February'”
The humorous article comes complete with expressive mark-ups in response to several misspelling. Thanks, Marty! At least this month is almost over.


  • Ridgewaycynic2013

    Thanks, Obama…

  • rastamaniac

    anyone else seeing the prominence of this piece as an indication of where Artvoice is these days? give it up already…

  • seqrman

    There are worst mistakes to make regarding our calendar’s shortest month than misspelling it. Last March, during oral argument in State Supreme Court before Justice John A. Michalek, former NYS Attorney General Dennis C. Vacco found himself in an awkward position. In his customary confident manner, Mr. Vacco proclaimed: “There are 30 days in February … unless there’s some new calendar I’m not aware of.” The Judge didn’t blink an eye at that assertion. A moment or two later after one of his entourage handed him a note, Mr. Vacco returned to the podium and said, joking manner, “I guess there is a new calendar.” For the record, it seems that the new calendar was commissioned by Julius Caesar around 45 B.C.