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Deconstructing Downtown Stadium Myths


Few topics around these parts generate more discussion and passion then the future of the Buffalo Bills and a possible new stadium. When we unveiled The Artvoice Stadium Plan back in August, the cover story generated a great deal of discussion and debate and was received and covered by a good number of peer media outlets and blogs.

We moved the needle on the conversation, and this past week, with the release of the New York State consultants report on alternative sites for the future home of the Buffalo Bills, that needle was moved again, with a plethora of media coverage and scrutiny, and a broad public discussion on the subject which continues.

So now for my disclosure part… I live in downtown Buffalo, in a really nice place, and have been here for the past five years after spending all of my adult life in Cheektowaga. I more than just reside here… I am a downtowner in every way. I cheer the rehab of every dusty old building, the opening of every new business or restaurant, the paving of every new bike path, the awesomeness of Canalside and HarborCenter with more to come, and welcome every new neighbor that moves into the city.

Having traveled to and experienced all 31 NFL venues, as well as countless college football stadiums, the Pro Bowl in Hawaii, and international NFL experiences in London and Toronto, I am resolute in my belief that our Ralph Wilson Stadium is an over the hill functional relic, even with all the new renovations and black painted walls and boulders and new scoreboards. The NFL is transforming and is continuing to transform as an entertainment entity, and that transformation requires dynamic and state-of-the-art bricks and mortar. Yeah it would be nice if we could go back to simpler times and the New York Giants were playing in the Polo Grounds and it was 25 cent ladies day and programs were a nickel. Ain’t gonna happen.

The Buffalo Bills will not be playing at RWS come 2022, plain and simple. They will be playing in a new stadium, whether it be here or in some other city.

Imagine a downtown stadium facade which replicates Buffalo's storied grain elevators and tells our story to the world about our city's rich history and heritage

Imagine a downtown stadium facade which replicates Buffalo’s storied grain elevators and tells our story to the world about our city’s rich history and heritage

So back to the disclosure – I am on board in support of an eventual new stadium within the limits of the City of Buffalo, preferably close to downtown. I’d like to see the building designed as a singularly unique and iconic architectural marvel that screams “Buffalo” to the world. I would like to see a funding model to pay for the thing that intrudes as little as possible on the public wallet, instead relying on the capital of the owner, the NFL, the concessionaires and trade unions who stand to profit, and that taxpayer contributions be provided only for infrastructure upgrades that will serve dual purposes for the stadium and for ancillary benefits for the community.

So these past few days I’ve been following the stories and comments on all the pieces running on the Buffalo News and all the local television outlets. Predictably, the comment threads run into the hundreds. The takes and contributions are, for the most part, heartfelt and passionate. It is a good and healthy community debate. And I’m happy to see that there seems to be a growing consensus among the public in support of a downtown stadium.

Yet three specific points are regurgitated by some commenters over and over and over again, to the point that I want to bang my head against the wall. Simply put, these points are not facts. They are wrong. And are being put forth by people who are simply ignorant, have a bias or fear against the city, or are misinformed. So time to deconstruct…

Point #1… “There is no place to park downtown”
Wow. Are you frikkin’ kidding??? If there’s one thing that downtown Buffalo has, it’s an abundance of parking. Parking ramps, surface lots, underground lots, street parking. Parking. Parking. Parking. I would argue that we will not become a true and vibrant city for real until we wean ourselves off the plethora of parking.

So let’s go to the consultant’s report. Alternative #1, the Cobblestone location, has 12,000 spaces situated within a 3/4 mile radius of the stadium’s footprint. 12,000 spaces!!! The Exchange location and the South Park location, with more access to swaths of open land, also fill the bill nicely. Without planning for a single new parking space, any one of the alternatives proposed will be sufficient to serve the new stadium. Keep in mind as well that a downtown stadium will be serviced by Metrorail, Amtrak, and public bus service, something that RWS does not have available. The only option to get to Orchard Park is by car.

Point #2… “Traffic will be a nightmare”
Yes. And? So where exactly will you locate a stadium with 70,000 patrons converging on that spot all at the same time, and not have traffic congestion. UB Amherst? Niagara Falls? Batavia? Heck even the current stadium in Orchard Park?

I am not a traffic consultant or engineer, just a layman. But it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that downtown Buffalo is serviced by five divided highways coming directly into the city – I-190 from two directions, the Kensington expressway, Route 5 from the southtowns, and the QEW from Canada. That’s a lot of asphalt and capacity. Add the radial grid of city streets, and that thousands more will ride Metrorail and Amtrak to the games, further diffusing the number of cars entering the city. I will venture to guess that when traffic is eventually evaluated in the SEQR process, that downtown Buffalo will win hands down over any peer alternative, and even the current stadium in Orchard Park.

55,000 people come to work downtown every day, many of them traveling by themselves in their autos. 70,000 stadium fans, most commuting in groups of full vehicles will be less of an impact than the typical morning rush hour.

Oh, here’s a bonus Negative Nancy comment for this category… “It will be that much worse when the Bills and Sabres play at the same time.” Back in October, Peter Farrell and I traveled to Detroit to see the Bills play the Detroit Lions at Ford Field. Right across the street at Comerica Park, the Detroit Tigers were playing the Kansas City Royals in game 3 of the ALDS. That’s 110,000 sports fans converging on downtown Detroit, all at the same time. The usual advisories were issued by the teams about leaving early, parking maps were disseminated by the media, and the city didn’t burn and collapse from the stress. Should a two venue simultaneous schedule ever occur here, Buffalo will emerge from it just fine.

Point #3… “There won’t be any tailgating”

At the Eastern Market in Detroit, just a long bomb from Ford Field, thousands of fans gather with grills and coolers on game day to party, amidst rows and rows of historic post-industrial buildings

At the Eastern Market in Detroit, just a long bomb from Ford Field, thousands of fans gather with grills and coolers on game day to party, amidst rows and rows of historic post-industrial buildings

Wrong. Cincinnati and Pittsburgh and Cleveland and Baltimore and Jacksonville and Detroit and Chicago and Seattle are just some the cities with downtown NFL stadiums. And they all roll out a tailgate scene which is robust and electric and makes for a great street party.

The myth here is that in order to tailgate, a stadium needs to be in a corn patch somewhere surrounded by 200 acres of asphalt.

Yet in the aforementioned downtown cities, there are plenty of surface lots, and street parking, and areas attached to taverns and restaurants with outdoor space, that offer the opportunity for pre and post game partying and food and libations.

Just yesterday, the Orchard Park supervisor (who understandably has his own agenda) lamented the idea of a downtown stadium, and talked about the wonderful tailgating and how he took his children and now he takes his grandchildren tailgating as a longtime season ticket holder. Well, that’s all nice, but tailgating in Orchard Park has its dark side – the binge drinking and alcohol intake that has gone on outside has fueled a culture of violence inside the stadium, to the point that the team has finally taken aggressive steps to address. Simply put, the nonsense that goes on at RWS doesn’t happen at other peer NFL venues. You can buy a daiquiri or a cocktail and enjoy your beer pretty much anywhere in the NFL. Yet here they cut the watered down beer off at the start of the 3rd quarter. Why is that?

A downtown stadium changes that culture. Right away. Furthermore, it gives the fan options. Right now, you want to make your game day a day long experience? Bring the cooler. Bring the grill. Buy charcoal. And folding chairs. Next option… (insert crickets chirping).

With a downtown stadium, fans will still be able to tailgate. Or they can go a restaurant or tavern. Or go ice skating or curling. Or hang out by the waterfront. The myriad of entertainment options will be many. Right now at RWS there is but one.

I am loving this debate. I love engaging with people about the stadium, even the detractors who belch out Who cares? Let them move to Toronto!. For I am a “stadiumphile”, and have picked up a thing or two about how these things work and what works well as I have traveled across the country and beyond to visit other sports venues. I am convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that a new stadium in downtown Buffalo will be a huge piece in the ongoing story of our city’s re-emergence and new climb to greatness.

Let the discussion and debate continue… like that pesky little matter of getting the spare billion or so it’s going to take to build this thing. But can I ask just one favor? Please, please no more stupid comments about parking, traffic and tailgating.

Artvoice sports columnists Andrew Kulyk and Peter Farrell have visited all 122 venues in the four major sports in their ongoing travel journey, The Ultimate Sports Road Trip. Follow their journey at their website,

  • Bob Caico

    Thank you!

  • rhmaccallum

    Great article and analysis Mr. Kulyk! My only area of dissention is “Bring the cooler. Bring the grill. Buy charcoal. And folding chairs. Next option… (insert crickets chirping). ” This is just pie in the sky. Torch up the grills in a parking ramp? Set up your chairs, grills and coolers with on-street parking? Where? On the sidewalk or the street? As much as the tavern owners would like it that is not tailgating. need to work more on the tailgating thing and I’m sure more could be done.
    As long as I have you Mr. Kulyk and I see we share the same enthusiasm for downtown let me bounce this off you. The plastic Adirondack chairs do work but wouldn’t this be oh so much better? Just turn them towards the water.

    • Dan P

      He was implying that for the OP location now, you can tailgate and spend all morning/afternoon but what other option do you have? He’s not actually saying to light up a grill in a parking ramp or street…he’s saying that downtown would offer more options that if you do want to tailgate, you can do it at an establishment instead, or go ice skating, curling, etc. Traditional OP/Bills tailgating would be lost to a certain extent, as he indicated, but in his eyes, it’s a good thing because of the excessive drinking and violence that occurs at BIlls games. I love tailgating at BIlls games but the allure of a downtown, modern stadium beats out tailgating all morning when I could just go to a bar and tailgate there warmth and a bathroom.

      • rhmaccallum

        I agree with your sentiments about downtown. I have not attended a Bills game for years. The last time I did I came out wet due to dips splashing their beers all over only to find both mirrors on my brand new vehicle had bee ripped off.
        But my point is twofold. One…there are a host of fans who love the tailgating experience and tradition as it is so in their view downtown is a downgrade. Two…suggesting fans, in addition to buying the tickets and paying the parking now should pay bar prices for a beer or drink before the game and pay what will obviously more for parking is another downgrade. Bills parking fees at the Ralph are at least stable. Downtown has shown a history of gouging for events.
        Just saying there are two sides to the story and simply blowing off the other side’s concerns with sweet nothings doesn’t make it.

      • Dan P

        You could take the metro into the city to the stadium, find free parking near the stop, pay a fraction of what you’d pay for parking on a ticket to the stadium, and then spend the rest on beers either at the stadium or at restaurants nearby. You’d have to imagine that if they built downtown, the bars down there would obviously open early and offer game day specials on drafts…or at least I’d hope so. I do think that the traditional tailgating experience is going to go away with a stadium downtown, and I love the tailgating scene now when I’m able to go to a game, but figuring out a way to build the stadium downtown, I think, is the best option.

      • rhmaccallum

        I agree. And when I look at the picture at the top of this article I like the concept. The ballpark, arena and stadium all pretty much together. Service and infrastructure to one benefits them all.
        Next goal: MLB!
        But I do have a bias for this site. I am only ten minutes away. I could ride my bike.

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      • rhmaccallum

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    • There’s not going to be any new stadium. More pie in the sky Buffalo BS.

  • staylor111

    I was just at the Sabres game in Detroit, and restaurants and bars provide free shuttle service to the games, so you can park on the periphery, patronise their restaurant, and still get to the game. After the game, there is a long line of shuttle buses waiting outside the arena for the patrons. The system seems to work well, and I’m sure we could make it work for the Sabres games and downtown Bills games.

    • Sean Patrick Oswald

      When I was in Cleveland a not long ago Great Lakes brewing offered free rides in a shuttle bus to the ballpark down the road if you had a ticket. Then offered them rides back later. Yeah it was about making more money but its that same idea.

  • buffaboy

    Half a year ago I was thinking that this plan looks great… I then realized I could use my Terry Pegula “parody account” (don’t ask why I had one, it was suspended several times) to bring in attention. Well it ended up getting close to 400 retweets and favorites and you could just see people liked the idea. Nonetheless I really do think the concept influenced the report and that parody tweet had nothing to do with it. The Cobblestone site is the closest to this concept, but please keep voicing this option, it seems to be the better choice!

  • Chris Clark

    I have never seen the rendering at the top of the page before and don’t know if it is really a serious concept, but…. if that is a serious design concept, what is the designer doing with the 190? the Exchange St station?

    • Jacob S

      Ah we will just relocate the 190 that’s fine. And now that I look at it the rail system may get some more use out of it.

      • Truth Serum

        Good one. Haha

    • Andrew Toukatly

      It’s is under in a tunsnel. Click the link in the first paragraph and it will bring you to the article about their design.

  • Bill Altreuter

    Here’s the thing– in twenty years, or maybe ten, football will have declined substantially in popularity. The decline has started already. How many kids entering high school are being told by their parents, who’ve been told by their pediatricians, that the risk of serious, permanent injury due to playing football is too high to justify participation? Look, I enjoy watching football, but I used to enjoy boxing too. Then it dawned on me that the point of boxing is to inflict neurological injury on your opponent. The same is absolutely true of football, and as that reality sinks in people are going to start seriously questioning whether it makes sense to subsidize the sport with public money.

    • Cody Erdmann

      Boxing is still doing well and MMA is even bigger. Americans will have to stop being pu$$ies or else they’ll have much bigger issues than NFL ticket sales.

      • Kris from Chesco

        One thing boxing and MMA have is a supply of non-American participants. Football doesn’t have that. Boxing may still be surviving but it’s not doing nearly as well as it was in the 1970’s or even the 80’s. It used to be the most popular athlete on Earth was the Heavyweight champion of the World. Now? I had to Google it. There’s been 1 American heavyweight champ in any Federation since 2007. He was crowned 6 days ago. Kudos to you if you can name him without looking.

  • Truth Serum

    Sorry Andrew. Work downtown for 31 years and sabres season ticket holder for 30. There definitely is severe shortage of reasonable parking. Only answer is mass transit and local businesses shuttling thousands of fans. What a goofy statement he made.

    • Steve Schmitt

      Ever hear about the concept of walking 10 blocks?

      • Truth Serum

        Been walking half to a mile for both for thirty years. (No problem at the Ralph). That’s the point. So you say walk ten blocks for the privilege of paying $20 to park. You’re statement is goofy for many other reasons. Anyway, I don’t appreciate your smart aleck comment.

      • Chris

        Amen, and good luck on parking being less than $50 for an NFL game downtown.

      • BeatHarvard

        Agree. The anti-walking attitude is a huge problem, many Buffalonians take it as fact that there will always be cheap, convenient parking immediately outside every building and cannot conceive of a scenario where they might need to use their legs to get somewhere. It’s sad because all the parking lots make downtown look like a depressing suburb.

      • Peter Farrell

        Can’t figure out why people don’t get that they already walk at least that far from their cars when they go to the Ralph, and here they cry about lack of parking close by.

      • Chris

        Walking 10 blocks downtown in cold weather is not only a bad idea it’s also not a very safe way to go. Additionally, can you imagine how much that criminal Marc Croce is going to jack up the parking prices all around downtown for an NFL game?! At least $50.00!! Your short snide comment is rejected.

    • rhmaccallum

      If you build it they will come. Parking ramps that is.

    • disqus_GZArnE7F2s

      I agree completely… parking at the arena for sold out hockey games is a pain. If the train line could be extended to the Harbor or even the possible stadium sight. It might be a viable option since parking near the stations isnt that bad.

      • Truth Serum


    • Andrew Kulyk

      I live downtown… Oceans of parking in every direction. Perhaps this might help you in your search for “reasonable parking”? You won’t have to look far there are lots and ramps everywhere.

      • Truth Serum

        Nice, that’s the exact map I used to find daytime parking. The first 5 surface lots were filled up. The first 4 ramps, a waiting list. Don’t be fooled.

      • Colin

        I regularly find open, free spots on the street an hour or so before Sabres games – Pearl and Franklin up by Fountain Plaza most of the time – and then take the Metro Rail 5 minutes down to the arena. Yeah, you might be packed tight into the train, but I’ve never had a problem getting on the train.

      • Truth Serum

        Thanks for the tip. Coming from Southtowns is not efficient, but I’ll try it for the Sabres.
        Haven’t heard from Andrew Kulyk about the daytime issue though.

      • Colin

        You got it – nothing better than meters being free after 5 and on weekends!

    • BeatHarvard

      How do you define “reasonable parking”? Compare the abundance of parking in Buffalo to other cities and the difference is laughable. We have way too much parking. It comes down to having a mass-transit strategy in place and managing expectations. We cannot expect downtown stadium plans to include permanent, convenient, massive-capacity parking lots for the purpose of hosting eight games per year. That would be outrageous. We can expect the stadium to make strategic use of the subway — I’m not sure why you seem to be dismissing this. On game days, trains would run constantly from Park & Ride locations and ideally drop fans off at the stadium, if plans include the construction of a new stop. Combined with shuttles and the multitude of open surface-lots and garages downtown, parking is a non-issue.

      • Truth Serum

        Compare to what, Boston or NYC—like comparing apples and oranges. In Pittsburgh, drove right across the street from PNC and parked for 10 bucks. You’re right about mass transit, but we have very little. They cut the bus routes where I live. Can’t enter the trains for sabres games (full) as they enter the surface area. What is the southtowner do, drive up to UB to catch the park and ride? Or come to a Sabres game 3 hours early.

        BTW-“reasonable parking” means free in the suburbs and rural areas..
        In the city, it means a short/medium walk for an afforable price.

    • Jack Kucinski

      You are 100% incorrect. As a resident of the New York City suburbs, I have experience true horror in terms of parking. Buffalo parking is both dirt cheap and more plentiful than anywhere else I have ever seen.

  • GeminiWNY

    I think its a great idea to infuse downtown with the lively bills fans and busy game day scene on the streets. It will help down town economu amd help the city boom as a whole. I never understood why the stadium is way the hell out in Orchard Park. Tailgating wont be the same (which i love) but if infusing my business to local bars helps the citu, then im all for it! Or pregaming with friends that live in the city and taking metro in is affordable. The options are fine, time for anew. Buffalo is up and coming and i think its only logical to have the stadium downtown.