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How to celebrate New Year’s in every time zone

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The Fix’s Philip Bump points out there is a very easy way to celebrate the strike of midnight on New Year’s Eve in every time zone over a 24 hour period: Grab a bottle of whiskey, a heavy down coat, and catch a flight to Amundsen-Scott Station at the South Pole [if you want to try the North Pole hurry or you’ll be doing a lot of swimming]Globe lines.

As it turns out, a pole is basically the only way to toast the New Year in every time zone. The further you get from a pole, the longer it takes to get from time zone to time zone, for the simple reason that the vertical lines that delineate time zones converge at the top and bottom of the world. This map uses lines of longitude, but it’s the same idea. The further down you go, the farther you need to travel to cross a line.

  • Chris Jesus

    What the hell are you talking about?