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YAK Car Pic of the Day


The brochure called them “…the most durable compact delivery trucks in the industry!” Well, this particular 1966 Ford Econoline pickup sure seems to be holding a lot of scrap cardboard, lol. An offshoot of the Econoline van, this was the penultimate year for this body style; and when the new 1968s rolled out, the pickup was missing from the lineup. I always expected these things to tip over frontwards when the beds were empty, as they just looked so front-heavy. Saw this one during the week just west of downtown Batavia.

Jim Corbran • YouAutoKnow

1966 Ford Econoline Van Brochure-03


  • MaxPlanck

    I never tipped one over but regularly got stuck in snow while driving a Econoline van when I was in college, working for a carpet company. I did deliveries and all was well on my early runs, when the heavy rolls were over the rear end. As the deliveries were completed and I made my final stops, there was no weight over the drive wheels. I had to back up to get over hills and driveways with grades.

  • chucknaughton57

    Remember the “Little Red Wagon” and the “Backup Pickup” at Niagara Dragway? I was young and didn’t get to the races much, but I did see each of these marvels back in the day!