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58th Anniversary of Ill-Fated Hungarian Revolution

Filed under: Activism

remember 56

Remember 1956. Remember Hungary, but let’s keep an eye of the rest of the world, Ukraine, Libya , Kurdistan, Palestine, those who are enslaved by ISIS and a long list of those who are fighting for freedom.

Abraham Lincoln’s words: “those who deny freedom from others, deserve it not for themselves”


Ardent In Freedom’s Quest

A passionate dream, a fervent desire

To forget the suffering, forget the ire

We rose-up against the SOVIET BARBARIANS in defiance

We stood-up against them, eyeball to eyeball, toe to toe

We for the moment were not enslaved in ’56, we were the foe

We rose-up against the monstrous red giant

We couldn’t stand the oppression, we hated these slave drivers

Many died in the struggle, but not in vain, nor forgotten

The blood of the martyrs, young and old, gave rebirth to our ancient land

Every drop of blood, every ounce of flesh

Turned into symbolic food for the future to rise from the gray ash

I can see pairs of eyes in the deep bright blue forget-me-nots in the fields

I can see the blood, giving life to the red-red poppies far and near
I smell the fragrance of the lilies of the valleys

And I can see in them the pureness of the martyrs spirit

I watch in awe, everything that grows

I know the barbarian’s boots, many many rows

Maimed and stained the land, the living, as well the legends
They put out life with as much ease

As they killed a bug, a mosquito blown in by a breeze

They had no respect for land, plant, animal, nor for the fellow men
They came to enslave the body, conquer, eradicate beliefs, the spirit of men.

So they butchered us in ’56 and what did they gain?

They basically trying to do now for themselves what we tried in vain

Oh how sweet revenge would be, just to step on them as they stepped on us

Oh how nice it would be to see them running scared from us
Would it be joy to light candles by the thousands

To mark the place, where the Russians entered the never, never land?

Could I live with myself? Could I condone my soul, my conscience?
Could I be as vile, ruthless as they were?

Oh God, let me perish these thoughts, give me strength

Instead, let me ask you to help those who in ’56 had no conscience

Ironic as it may be, praying for my enemy

But it was their persecution, ill will and indecency
Which made me keep up my fight till we all have liberty
So now is my turn to share in the plenty

A passionate dream an ardent desire
To forget and forgive the ire

God, help those whose fight for freedom just begins

I know what it takes and I know what life’s like till you win

And you too America, don’t be absent like in ’56 as you watched freedom die
Here is a chance to show that your promises were not lies
Remember that two centuries ago you asked France
When you fought for freedom and didn’t seem to have much of a chance
But here you are now, strong and mighty
Help the pleas of freedom fighters, don’t take their quest lightly
Don’t desert those who fight for freedom and without you they might die
Stand up to your words, fulfill what you promised, you can’t renege once you cast the die
Be there in body and spirit, don’t let tyrants snuff out freedom’s fire
Don’t just be a pallbearer as in ’56; and just watched in Hungary the funeral pyre

I know you can’t fight everyone’s battles
Just show you care and help when it matters
Ironic as it may be, I am asking you to help those who oppressed
None other than the people in the Union of the Soviets
It was a forced marriage, for them and freedom, they now quest
If we can’t be there in body, let’s light up the statue of liberty as they request

Let them see, it works, it can succeed
Since 1776 we provide freedom for those who seek
And it didn’t much matter whatever was the race, color or creed
Then, as well as now the Lady Liberty will try to help those who their freedom seek

Nothing is cheap except advice
You and I, we, in America already paid the price
It’s up to us to share the wealth
So let’s forget about the horrible treaty of Stalin & Roosevelt

Let the people in all the world work toward the goal
Let each port hold the replica of the Lady Liberty visible from shore
As well from the seas and oceans, whether you leave or coming home

Liberty such a simple word
Liberty, it has such a magnificent ring to it
Liberty, freedom’s twin
Liberty, without it death is what we would wish

A passionate dream an ardent desire
To forget the suffering and forget the ire
An ardent desire to be free and choose as my leader the Lady Liberty
An ardent desire freedom’s fire burning inside me
Like the torch in the hand of the Statue of Liberty.

By Eugene László Hegedüs

Eugene László Hegedüs was a 17-year-old student in Győr, Hungary, when he had to escape in November 1956. He arrived in the Buffalo area and spent six years at the boarding home at Graycliff. Hegedüs worked for 20 years as a mathematics teacher and eventually as assistant headmaster at the Calasanctius School. Maria, his wife, was also a teacher there and both of his children attended Calasanctius.

Hegedüs worked for another 20 years as station manager for two local radio stations. He fills his retirement with creative endeavors, including writing several volumes of poetry related to the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. He was able to return home after 34 years. He is anxiously waiting for his 50th wedding anniversary. He also keeps busy with five grandchildren, gardening, and expanding his work on the

  • Frederick Stimson Harriman

    I was a student of Mr. Hegedus. Then he came “Gene” when I taught together with him. He also taught me how to drive a school bus — a job more important in our school’s curriculum than one might think. As a boy and as a man, I knew these thoughts that he has expressed here… just from being around him. I will not forget Hungarian Revolution of 1956.