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YAK Car Pic of the Day

78 marquis blu camb r copy

jc yak nySo you say you’re looking for a 36-year-old, one-owner large American sedan? How about this Lincolnesque 1978 Mercury Marquis Brougham pillared hardtop, of which that original owner claims that everything works, the air is cold, and you can drive anywhere? Oh yeah, and it has only 35,000 miles — by today’s standards, not even broken-in yet. You can see it alongside the road out in the Wheatfield/Town of Niagara/Cambria megalopolis. (Okay, I wasn’t sure exactly where I was town boundery-wise when I was there yesterday. So sue me.)

Jim Corbran • You Auto Know •

78 marquis blu camb f copy

  • Sean Danvers

    Crap, I’d take it if I didn’t have to rebuild my garage to fit it in!

    • FrJesusGaylord

      How the hell did people ever get the enormo-cars of the 70s into the tiny garages most West Side houses have? I can’t picture that thing even fitting in my driveway, at least not enough to open the doors wide enough to get out.

      • Sean Danvers

        People were tougher back then?