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YAK Car Pic of the Day

ford gt40 replicar copy

Well, that was rather a disappointment. As I rounded a corner yesterday near Steve Baldo Ford in Niagara Falls, I spotted what I thought was a Ford GT parked at the curb. Pulled over, took photo, continued on. Got home, looked at photo, and nearly deleted it after closer inspection revealed it was a GT40 MkII replicar, sold by a company called Superformance in Irvine, California. The more I look at this thing the hideous-er it becomes. I realize that there weren’t that many real Ford GTs to go around for everybody who wanted one (only 4,038 were built in 2005-2006 at around $150,000 per), but if I had the kind of dough that this replicar cost I’m sure I would have bought something better-looking than this. Sorry.

Jim Corbran • You Auto Know •

  • Chris S

    Cars are great, but I have a more serious inquiry. This was taken 8/31/14 from my yard with a 300mm2.8 L. Helo with wings. What is it?

    • Sean Danvers

      Spraying deodorant on your mom?

      • Chris S

        very intelligent.

    • FrJesusGaylord

      They really are after you.

      • Chris S

        It was taken from my yard with a fixed lens flying over the lake. Did I insinuate some kind of paranoia or did I ask a question based on never seeing anything like it? Whats with you peole

      • FrJesusGaylord

        New to the internet?

      • Chris S

        wow, you are brutal. Thanks for the input Mr Gaylord.

  • hwhamlin

    Back to the Ford GT. Did the replicar company think it was being erudite by incorporating the “Gurney Bump” on its version? Or that extra scoops made it extra cool? Not.