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“New York Revolution” Goes Eliminationist

This was found at this Facebook page around lunchtime on Monday September 15th. 


I have no words for this. 

This “New York Revolution” group had the support of Republican challenger for the SD-62 (Maziarz, incumbent) seat, Gia Arnold. 

  • jamesholstun

    Peckerwood scum?

  • Sean Danvers

    You stay classy NY Revol….well…..nevermind. Just drink bleach.

  • John Wilcox

    Wow, an anti-Obama crowd demonstrating overt racist sentiments? No way. Just ask the hosts at WBEN. They’ll tell you it’s your racist leftist imagination.

    • jerkwagon420

      Your dead kid does not trump their right to make assholic racist remarks.

  • FrJesusGaylord

    Are there any conservatives who aren’t violent, anti-American trash?

  • UncleBluck

    Gia Arnold (Rep/Con family values candidate) has it nailed. Cheats on her husband ( a rep/con prerequisite) and supports groups that don’t want that black guy in the oval office…..

    • John Wilcox

      While the right loves to say both sides have their extremists, what’s really startling is how mainstream this racist wingnut mentality has become within the GOP.

      • ckg1

        Not to mention the extremists the left has don’t have even a fraction of the visibility that those on the right do.

  • hwhamlin

    Comment deleted, eh? Musta been a good one.