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Special Counsel for Moreland Commission Endorses Teachout / Wu

Click here to read the piece on the DailyKos website today by a former special counsel to the ill-fated Moreland Commission, Janus Marton.

Zephyr Teachout

Zephyr Teachout


Tim Wu

Tim Wu









He writes:

The opportunity that has been lost by the Commission’s neutering, then disbandment, is more significant than most people realize, and the level of the governor’s interference more pervasive than press accounts suggest.  And while ethics may seem like a single issue in a large and complicated state, what I observed showed me what little regard Governor Cuomo and his senior staff have for the press, the public, and people with integrity who work in government.   Their disdain for ethics colors the way they govern the entire state.


When voting on September 9th, Democratic primary voters will have a choice between two competing visions of democracy, corruption and progressivism.   It would be great vindication to Commissioners and Commission staff denied the opportunity to finish their corruption investigations if voters could deliver the mandate for reform that the Commission’s work could not be.  That’s why this former special counsel to the Commission is voting Zephyr Teachout for Governor on September 9th.


P.S. I’ll also be voting for netroots pioneer Tim Wu over anti-immigrant, NRA-backed, anti-Obamacare conservative Kathy Hochul for Lieutenant Governor.

  • Prince Andrew

    “I only made suggestions!!!”

  • 25 Delaware

    The notion that a political party (in this case, the Democrats) could throw tons of money at “their” candidate in a primary is outrageous. Remember that the state political party’s leadership is made up of cronies of Cuomo, or those whom he has made deals with, such as former governor David Paterson.

    There’s nothing fair about this election. Just for the hell of it, vote for Zephyr Teachout and Tim Wu, and let’s see what happens

  • TruthBeTold

    DailyKos is still up and running?

  • WhatMeWorry888

    The NRA is now backing Wu. Hochul’s chameleon politics are of the rawest form. In a recent interview with the dailykos she claims to be very conservative. Cuomo pushed out Duffy because he would not pull in enough conservative democrats. At least a vet for Wu gets you what you see

  • 25 Delaware

    VOTE!! This is a rare occasion when a primary can mean so much. Regardless of the outcome, your vote will resonate. END THIS CORRUPTION!!