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141 West – The Forgotten District

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There is an old saying in the political world, “Be careful of what you ask for because you just might get it.” Four years ago, after unprecedented media attacks, Antoine Thompson lost his bid to become the first NYS Senator from what is now the 60th district to serve a third term since Anthony Masiello (1980 – 93) in 1984—85. Next Tuesday, Primary Day, September 9, Thompson will attempt a political comeback in the NYS 141 Assembly District and once again the media attacks have been relentless. Some going as far to say his opponent has been “good enough.” None of it is accurate and he stands a very good chance of winning.

His opponent has entered this primary season severely weakened by widespread criticism of her tenure. Many democrats on the West Side of Main Street, between Amherst Street and Kenmore Avenue and encompassing most of the Hertel Avenue neighborhoods, don’t know who Crystal Peoples is and can’t name anything she’s done for anyone. And it’s in North Buffalo where Crystal Peoples stands her best chance of losing.

While in the state senate Thompson was successful in securing environmental clean up funds, authored prohibitions against fracking to protect the Niagara River and the Great Lakes, obtained neighborhood housing grants, job training programs, and fought on behalf of non-profit groups across the city. All good things, but here’s what could end up being the tipping point in the election: Thompson was also the largest non-corporate sponsor of the Hertel Avenue Italian Festival.

“Ora cercare di battere che!” (Now try to beat that!)

  • UncleBluck

    Wow. That’s not much of a choice……

  • BufChester

    What does “Be careful of what you for because you just might get it” have to do with anything? Is that a warning to anyone who would vote for AT?

  • jld5199

    It’s like…choosing the lesser of two evils….same people …same results…unfortunately.
    Sorely needed is new blood with new ideas…the political machine here does not afford that.

  • WPC

    Seriously? Thompson is a mental midget and wasn’t successful in anything. I live in this district and a small part of me died inside when I realized that I had to chose between these two clowns. While Peoples-Stokes is a do nothing blowhard, please explain why we should send someone to make law and lead us who can’t even keep up with his own tax bills and outstanding child support. The most depressing thing about Antoine’s debt issues? The fact that he procreated.