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YAK Car pic of the Day


8x fiero red lew copy

Here’s one from the “You Learn Something Every Day” file: the Pontiac Fiero, when it was first introduced for 1984, was called  the Pontiac Fiero 2M4. And from reading the brochure I also learned that the heretofore unknown 2M4 stood for 2-seat Mid-engined 4-cylinder; they also pointed out that it was the first such production car configuration ever built in America. Too bad America didn’t get very excited over the Fiero, as its final production year was 1988, after a run of almost 372,000 cars. Sales pretty much dropped every year, partly due to poor quality issues, and partly due to a rash of engine fires which garnered a lot of press attention. This one, from the looks of the Liberty plates (and those tires), has been sitting in this Lewiston driveway for quite some time.

Jim Corbran • You Auto Know •

  • Sean Danvers

    Give me a MR2 any day over a Fiero.

  • Pure General Motors badness.

  • Kevin Hickey

    Fun fact: When you get a flat in a Fiero, the flat tire will not fit in the space that the spare tire came out of; so your prom date has to hold the flat tire in her lap. At least that’s what a guy I went to school with told us.