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Cuomo Engages In Dirty Campaign Tactics

Filed under: State Politics


There is nothing scarier than a politician with a huge ego and an obsession to win re-election big to set themselves up for a shot at higher office. In New Jersey Governor Chris Christie by all accounts was going to win re-election as Governor last year. Winning was not enough for Christie, he wanted to win by a huge margin to prove that he was so popular among all voter demographics that running for President of the United States was an obvious next step. Christie’s obsession to win big filtered down to his staff and with or without his knowledge led to the now famous bridge fiasco, where traffic was purposely tied up on a bridge as a way to punish an elected official that did not jump on the Christie bandwagon.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has the same obsession to win big because he too is interested in running for President. Cuomo has an unbelievable campaign war chest of $35 million dollars and he is far ahead in every poll. It is highly unlikely that Cuomo will lose the upcoming election. Even with all of his advantages it is amazing the lengths that Cuomo and his campaign will go to in an effort to crush any opposition. The Cuomo campaign is spending $10 million on negative television ads in an effort to attack and destroy republican candidate Robert Astorino. Although Cuomo has a record to run on and discuss he so far has refused to agree to any debates with his opponents.

Zephyr Teachout is running on the democratic line against Cuomo. Teachout is hardly known by voters and has very little money. In order to get on the ballot Teachout had to obtain 15,000 signatures from registered democrats throughout New York state. Teachout filed 45,000 signatures. Incumbent elected officials cannot stand having anyone run against them and will do everything in their power to destroy their opponents. Cuomo surrogates are challenging Teachout’s petitions in an effort to get thrown off the ballot and they have also filed a lawsuit in an effort to prevent Teachout from running.

Even more amazing to me is that Cuomo’s campaign has disrupted several Teachout press conferences by coordinating the sending of protesters to them. When Teachout held a press conference to discuss Cuomo’s lack of ethics and his involvement in meddling with a commission established to address political corruption, the press conference was disrupted by protesters attacking Teachout. The protesters drew attention to themselves by covering their faces with signs and refusing to answer news reporter questions. After news reporters tracked down who these mysterious protesters were, a spokesperson for the Cuomo campaign admitted that the individuals were affiliated with the governor’s campaign.

Elections should be about the discussion and debate of issues. To engage in goon tactics and the sending of fake protesters to prevent Teachout from expressing her thoughts on issues and receiving media coverage is appalling to me. Cuomo has a notorious reputation as being a nasty political operative. As former Governor Eliot Spitzer stated “The problem that Andrew has is that everybody knows that behind the scenes, he is the dirtiest, nastiest political player out there, and that is his reputation from years in Washington.” 

Interestingly, the Politics NY blog reported that Cuomo was very concerned that he may face protesters when coming to Buffalo on Monday. Sam Hoyt was dispatched to find out if protesters were coming. Fortunately not everyone engages in the dirty trick tactics that Cuomo does, but apparently he fears being ridiculed in public. While protesters did not greet the governor on Monday, editorial boards across the state chastised him for meddling with the Moreland corruption commission.


  • UncleBluck

    Was a fan of Spitzer some years ago …not so much now….but he hits the nail directly on the head when describing Cuomo….dirty as they come….

  • Prince Andrew

    “My next press conference will be on Strawberry Island!!”

  • jamesholstun

    Richard Nixon was a shoo-in in 1972, but still felt he needed to burgle the DNC headquarters, and of course, all that turned out really well for him. If Andy has broken any laws–and the Preet Bharara investigation is underway–would he have the chutzpah to pardon himself?

  • Bruce Eder

    It wouldn’t matter if he did pardon himself — if the US attorney is charging him, then it’s federal, not state laws, that he broke.

  • Tomtom28

    Evil eyes Andy is the one who spread flyers around Queens about Ed Koch, saying “Vote for Cuomo, not the homo!”

  • Anon resident – call his office and ask why the campaign won’t stick to the issues of job creation, workforce development and they will hang up on you. Please call and you will get some intern or a nasty campaign worker.