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Campaign Finance Tid Bits

Filed under: Local Politics


Reviewing the finance reports that candidates file with the New York State Board of Elections can reveal interesting bits of information. Just passing along a few items I came across.

Running for office often requires candidates to tap into their personal funds. I suppose if you are wealthy writing a big check to finance your campaign is not a big deal. I am often amazed at the personal funds people will spend to obtain elected office. While everyone says they are running to serve the public, I think the real reason in many instances is about ego, status and obtaining power.

People With Money Writing Big Personal Checks

Check these personal contributions candidates recently made:

Chris Jacobs running for re-election as Erie County Clerk dropped $209,500 into his campaign account. Some how I don’t think it has been Jacob’s life long dream to be County Clerk. Rumor has it Jacob’s is a millionaire with his eye on higher political office.

Attorney Daniel Furlong interested in being a Supreme Court Justice wrote a check for $125,000 to his account.

Attorney Mary Slisz also a Supreme Court candidate wrote a check for $105,000.

Marc Panepinto running for New York State Senate against Marc Grisanti contributed $54,000 in personal funds to his campaign account.

Things That Make You Go Hmm

Alisa Lukasiewicz received a $50,000 loan to her campaign from a person named Dan Rivera from Niagara Falls. Not sure if it is the same person but not too long ago a Dan Rivera from Niagara County was the Niagara County Democratic Party Chair. 

State Senator Marc Grisanti’s biggest contributor in his most recent report is former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. One of Grisanti’s campaign issues that he has highlighted is his concern that New York City politicians will control what happens in Albany.

Attorney John Delmonte has received a total of $155,000 in loans from five individuals:

Anthony Brindsi from Grand Island $45,000

Robert Fahning  from Grand Island $20,000

Douglas Clarke Jr. from Youngstown $25,000

Susan Delmonte  50,000

Nicholas Pelosino Jr. from Niagara Falls $15,000

Senator Michael Ranzenhofer’s biggest contributor in the amount of $20,000 comes from two Limited Liability Companies that appear to own parking ramps with the same Nassau County address that contributed $10,000 each.

Former State Senator Antoine Thompson seeking to make a come back by running for New York State Assembly against Crystal Peoples, filed a report showing a negative balance of $7460.58.

  • UncleBluck

    Our whole corrupt political process has become nothing more than another commodity controlled by the 1%ers… aint got money….you aint runnin for office…..