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Cuomo’s $10 Million Dollar Attack Ads

Filed under: State Politics


It gets so tiring to see just about every campaign no matter the office spewing out negative attack ads that seek to destroy people instead of talking about issues.

Andrew Cuomo has a campaign war chest of $35 million financed from wealthy special interest donors. Cuomo’s Republican opponent Rob Astorino has $3.5 million. Due to the huge money difference and name recognition this race was over before it started.

It has been reported that Cuomo plans on spending $10 million on attack ads against Astorino. Cuomo’s most recent attack ad criticizes Astorino for being a petty corrupt politician who has helped friends obtain patronage jobs. I guess were all supposed to believe that Cuomo does not engage in the same corrupt petty behavior.

The Governor who talked a good game about addressing corruption in Albany by forming the Moreland Commission, has a lot of nerve to run attack ads regarding political corruption. Despite all the talk about reform Cuomo disbanded the Moreland Commission before it accomplished anything of substance. At one point the Moreland Commission wanted to issue subpoenas to real estate developers who appeared to make substantial campaign donations in exchange for tax breaks. Wealthy real estate developers are a big source of campaign donations for Cuomo and his staff members made sure that the Moreland Commission did not go down this road. With campaign donations of $35 million, Cuomo is the king of pay to play political corruption.

After four years as Governor, Cuomo should be able to campaign on his record. The blistering negative attacks of his first three commercials is really quite amazing. It is not enough for Cuomo to win, he wants to win huge. His ego and desire to run for President requires it.

Astorino has won two elections as a Republican in Westchester County, a county with 100,000 more Democrats than Republicans. In order to win his elections Astorino obviously had support among Democrats. Cuomo’s first two ads described Astorino as being “… so far right, he’s wrong for New York.” Given the Democratic support Astorino has received, Cuomo’s characterization is probably  inaccurate but it appears Cuomo prefers simplistic attacks instead of running on his record.



  • UncleBluck

    Andrew is a wolf in sheeps clothing. He is no different than Astorino. He just has more money.

    • Earl Gonzalez

      No disagreement there Uncle Bluck, Consider voting Zephyr Teachout, more liberal and more honest. There are third party candidates if you are on the right.

      It would be good if we had some completely new honest ideas, even if they are ideas I completely disagree with.

  • Earl Gonzalez

    The sophisticated negative campaign started a log time ago with all the HUD low income housing nonsense. It was interesting how HUD money unused and Obama’s visit to Westchester designed to make Astorino look like a racist also happens to be in the same very wealthy county that Andy and his daddy both live in. If I am not mistaken so do the Clinton’s.

    Almost makes me wonder if Andy is playing the race card so early that he may believe he is in possible in trouble. I remember 1994 it was a swing year with lots of democrats going down even though they had money. There was a sacrificial lamb senator from long island that always looked like he had a corn cob stuck up his butt name Pataki. In an earth shattering surprise the political career and presidential aspirations of Mario had a stake put in its heart. Maybe history can repeat with Andy.

    • rhmaccallum

      I’d take Pataki back in a heartbeat.

  • Sean Danvers

    Fiscal conservatives and those who run on platforms of reduced taxation, reduced overhead often fare well on the ballots in Westchester. I honestly think that Astorino wants nothing to do with the fringe right but he has no choice but to court them and spew their wretched nonsense if he wants a shadow of a chance in this upcoming election.

  • About the best we can hope for is that the primary Challenge against Hochul is successful and that Cuomo gets smacked with a dose of humility. That isn’t much, but that’s all there is.

    • Earl Gonzalez

      I like Tim Wu. He is an honest liberal with great ideas on technology and internet. Would be good to have real smart people, not just cunningly smart people.