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Hillary Clinton Was Paid $275,000 by UB Foundation

Last week, NYS Assemblyman Kieran Michael Lalor told UB president Satish Tripathi to come clean about how much Hillary Clinton was paid by the secretive UB Foundation to speak at the university last year.

“The University at Buffalo is a public university, it should be open and transparent about how it spends money. The same goes for the University’s foundation. When the foundation spends exorbitant amounts to bring in guest speakers, it means taxpayers will be making up the difference elsewhere. That’s why taxpayers should know how the foundation spends its money. You can’t separate the University from the foundation.”

Read his entire open letter published in the Rockland County Times on July 10 by clicking here.

On July 11, I sent an email to UB spokesperson John Della Contrada and UB Foundation president Ed Schneider asking if they had any comment on the commotion. Neither of them replied.

Today, the Public Accountability Initiative shares the contract they procured by filing a FOIL request to UB asking for records concerning Clinton’s appearance—by seeking communications between the private foundation and the state university. Click here to read it. The former First Lady, Senator and Secretary of State was paid $275,000 for her appearance at the public school. After the Harry Walker Agency took its cut, the net proceeds then went to the Clinton Foundation, apparently.

The Washington Post covers all this quite nicely here.

It marks another proud moment for the UB Foundation—still as afraid of sunlight as any vampire would be.



  • Sean Danvers

    With payday’s like this for simply showing up and reading a prepared speech, why bother running for office?

  • jamesholstun

    The Public Accountability Initiative is one of Buffalo’s actual, living, breathing wonders. Hundreds of people (me included) huff and puff about Hillary, but they get the goods.

  • The UB Foundation is a private 501c3 charity, and it paid the fee to the Clinton Foundation, another private 501c3 charity. What am I outraged about, again?

    • jamesholstun

      Alan, you don’t have to be outraged about anything: I recommend a zenlike calm for you, and a childlike faith in the probity of “private 501(c)(3) charities. But here are some things that other people might be outraged about:

      1. The UB Foundation makes enormous profits for itself through a 13% tax it charges a wide array of UB-associated entities. Whenever you attend a concert at the Center for Fine Arts, or take a course in Continuing Education, or even make a donation to “UB” through the UB giving page, you are fattening them up.

      2. Plus, it takes enormous kickbacks from local medical practice plans in return for granting them “non-profit charity” status, so this “private charity” is levying a hidden tax on many sick people and employers in Western New York.

      3. The UB Foundation has in the past made illegal contributions to Chris Collins’s campaign. Two members of one of its governing boards voted to award an eight-figure contract to a local builder who was the brother of one of them, the son of the other. It awards enormous salary top-ups, corporate bonuses, and golden handshakes to the UB Administrators who work so hard to keep its budget secret. For more on this endemic abuse, consult the excellent pieces by Mr. Michael “Buck” Quigley in local arts journal Artvoice, one of them linked at this very article!

      4. Former Secretary of State Clinton is a mass murderer who plotted to maintain two colonial wars of occupation and approved the murder of many people in other countries, including women and children, by death robots. I would have liked to ask her a question about that, but

      5. Her contract specified that she would only answer questions addressed to her by a moderator she approved. Yes, I know, it’s hard to believe that an actual university would allow such a gross breach of academic freedom, but it’s true.

      • Much of this is beside the point. I don’t get what people are surprised or angry about here. A private entity paid another private charity money to retain a speaker for a UB program. Is it because it’s Hillary? Because I have to assume a similar arrangement is true for every speaker who comes as part of the Distinguished Speaker series, including Donald Trump.

      • jamesholstun

        Not exactly. Other speakers have taken uncensored questions, and academic freedom is a pretty important issue for academic institutions. And other mass murderers speaking at UB have, in fact, been protested vigorously when they spoke (Powell, Rove, Clark, Blair)–Ms. Clinton was spared that, as was her partner in crime Barack Obama, last summer.

        This isn’t a question a “private entity” and “a private charity,” but about two organizations claiming non-profit status, while behaving in a fashion that suggests private, taxable corporations: one that seems to oriented toward enriching its ostensibly disinterested directors (the UBF) and currying favor with potential presidents, another that looks and smells a lot like a campaign fund (the Clinton fund).

      • UncleBluck

        If HC, and I am no fan of hers nor would I ever vote for her, is a mass murderer who plotted to maintain 2 colonial wars then what does that make Cheney & the Shrub?

      • jamesholstun

        Her future cellmates, if there’s a God.

      • UncleBluck

        I like that answer!!

  • jimd54

    The free market at work