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Taxpayers Against Buffalo Bills Subsidy

Filed under: Buffalo Bills

just say no

Corporate welfare is an issue that annoys me to no end. Politicians routinely provide tax dollars to wealthy individuals and companies on false promises and inflated results so they have ribbons to cut and access to campaign cash as a return favor. 

I enjoy watching football but one of the worst forms of corporate welfare is providing tax dollars to subsidize billionaire football team owners. Soon the Buffalo Bills will have a new billionaire owner with his hand out demanding tax dollars. I know I am not the only one fed up with tax dollars being used for such purposes.

In an effort to draw more attention to this issue I have created a site for a group called Taxpayers Against Buffalo Bills Subsidy, which you can check out at

Recently Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz stated in a Buffalo News article that he has been surprised by the public’s apparent unwillingness to pay higher taxes in order to keep the Bills here.

“Almost everyone I talk to [says], ‘I want the Bills to stay here, but I’m not willing to basically bankrupt the community to do it,’ ” 

Check out the web site and sign the petition against using tax dollars to subsidize a new stadium or Buffalo Bills operations. Maybe if enough people get on board our area politicians will not spend hundreds of millions of tax dollars on football.

  • KNARCH81

    unbelievable….. This is the reason the team will be gone after the contract is up. I got news for you all, without the bills, there is no identity in buffalo. It is the only major franchise in town…… Yea the sabres r there, but really, outside of Canada, and western my, no one cares. Without the bills, there is nothing that separates buffalo with other crappy small cities across the country.

    • Without a highly subsidized bunch of overpaid athletes, Buffalo would have no identity. That’s pretty sad.

      • KNARCH81

        I grew up in Western New York, my family still lives there, I go to Bills games, I visit my family a few times a year, I love it up there – but unfortunately, it is a really sad, and unfortunate truth.

      • George Joseph

        Here we go again. I too am against corp welfare for private co’s. Especially billionaire profitable co’s. But until gov’t stops giving our tax money and tif money away to wal mart, developers, builders, subdivision builders, using eminent domain to take private property and give to developers, etc etc …I can’t fault Bills/NFL trying to get there piece of the pie. Stop it all or allow it all. Why favor one insane profitable private co like Walmart and be against another?(NFL). I would rather spend Sundays at the Ralph then Walmart so I side with NFL/Bills until all corp welfare is outlawed.

      • rastamaniac

        You are another lame schmoe who couldn’t hack it here and think now you are going to lecture those of us who stayed and found ways to thrive. You actually go to those ripoff barf contests and spend all that money on parking, shitty football and lousy food to sit with drunks for 3 hours? I think I see the sad and unfortunate and it’s not Buffalo dude. It’s guys like you who go to some bug ridden Carolinan hell hole full of rednecks and snakes for a crappy non union job then come back here and try to talking down to the rest of us. Your bug spray awaits, Say hello to Gov. Nikki for me.

      • Seriously, anyone who says the Bills define Buffalo hasn’t been spending a lot of time in Buffalo lately.

      • jimd54

        The guy made have done a clunky job of making his point but you have to admit this is a sports town. The WGR guys often point out our Nielsen rankings are unusually high for sporting events. Stanley cup, NBA finals, superbowl, the two teams cities actually playing are ranked 1 and 2 and Buffalo 3rd. I do not know where we stand for the world cup but from what I’ve seen from the bar crowds and Canalside we’re into that too. The Bills are simply part of the sports love affair.

      • BlackRockLifer

        Don’t forget the parasitic owners, claiming to be free market advocates but first in line with their hands out.

      • Free market advocacy is precisely the reason for opposing the subsidies.

      • rastamaniac

        …Who can’t keep their Jaguars from hitting trees in Mongolian Buffet parking lots while drag racing the day after explaining to the media that they were “not trouble guys” weeks after being pulled in Alabama for speeding with fake weed in the car. Yeah thank God for the cultural input of these mofos.

      • jimd54

        To be fair, there certainly are those types. And there are those who sponsor charity golf tournaments, run camps and visit kids in hospitals, schools etc. And then there are most of them who just go about their business like the rest of us.

    • EricSaldanha

      If we are yoked to a below-average team that hasn’t made the playoffs in 16 years and rival the Cubs in organizational inertia, then we are in desperate need of an identity theft

    • BlackRockLifer

      Most of us in Buffalo don’t rely on the Bills for our identity, we have full, productive lives that don’t revolve around football, most of us that is.

    • Ann Onimous

      1.) The assumption that Buffalo is “crappy” is a faulty assumption which puts the rest of your argument on a pedestal of mud.

      2.) It seems illogical that a small city should depend on an NFL team for it’s identity. Other NFL-free cities seem to do just fine: Austin, Portland, Santa Fe, San Antonio, Rochester, the other Portland, and Los Angeles to name a few. Perhaps the dumping a billion dollars into a playground for the wealthy to use 8 times a year isn’t the secret to civic success.

    • rastamaniac

      Oh thanks for that news oh guru of culture. I could go find some aging scoopers in a First Ward bar who’d enlighten you pretty damned quickly about culture beyond you and your idiot box. Christ on a bike where do these fucking morons come from?

  • Steven Krentz

    I hate liberals. Always looking to ruin a party

    • Guest


    • Ann Onimous


  • jimd54

    I don’t know if it is correct to say we identify with the Bills, but we sure as hell like watching them. If you are looking for common sense about this issue, forget it. Nothing about the NFL makes sense from the price tag of attending a game to advertising rates. The athletes have a 4-5 year career after which they can look forward to chronic joint pain, head trauma etc. Who would do that, and yet they clamor for the opportunity.
    This is a bad place to make a fiscal stand. Too much emotion involved. Now if you start a petition to take oil company subsidies away, who wouldn’t support that?

  • FedUp with Bflo. sports

    Screw the Bills and any new owner who comes down the turnpike. I have had enough public money bailing out sports teams. Don’t we ever learn from our past history- the Braves were sold down the drain by an out of town owner (John Y. Brown) who wanted them to move out to Kentucky? Then he claimed so many tickets were needed to be sold, including season tickets, for them to remain. And when they were, he sold off the good players, the team stunk, people stopped going, and thus he got his wish of not enough people supporting the team.
    Put the money towards UB football or better yet, get a team in the Canadian Football League, where we have a more common brotherhood with our brothers up north than any other NFL city, besides maybe Pittsburgh or Cleveland.
    When will it be enough for these bastards?