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Artists & Models Presents Queen City Culture Clash at Gypsy Parlor


Debuting this Saturday (June 21st, 2014 @ 7pm) at Gypsy Parlor, QUEEN CITY CULTURE CLASH is holding a fashion show fundraiser focusing on an International array of styles that promote cultural and ethnic diversity in The Queen City. Exotic designs and elements such as Elytra Beetle Wing will be present in the fashion show and if you want to pay homage to the International World of Fashion, accentuate your style that evening with Universal elements.  For details, visit Facebook under Queen City Culture Clash.

  • Frankly My Dear

    This is the stupidest idea. Honestly? THIS is what you think will promote ethnic diversity. A fashion show? YOU could have done much better. What a shame.

    Ask yourself, WHO IS THIS ACTUALLY FOR?

    And yes this is a culture clash. In the worst way possible. It’s like a Starbucks in the middle of the projects. I am horrified to know that it is supported by Artists and Models. But mostly I am wondering why A & M didn’t notice that this event is merely a misguided effort to make a bunch of privileged people feel better about themselves.

    Nice try. But try a little bit harder next time the urge to put on a fashion show to generate cultural awareness pops into your collective heads. It is insulting to the cultures and diversities you THINK you are “promoting.”


    Frankly My Dear your a f^cking idiot. Judge yourself first…..what have you done? Besides trolling.


    Frankly My Dear is a TROLL living under a shitty feces infested bridge!






    Troll removal success!~

  • Frankly My Dear

    It is sad that one person’s opinion hurts so bad. It is simply another perspective.
    They were non violent words meant to make someone think beyond their own prideful bubble. But of course my words have now been deleted. That is typical of most of the people who try to “help” people like myself. There’s a phrase for it. I exist only while in front of the “helpful” others when it is publicized, pretty, and convenient. When sh^t gets real, thats when I fade away.

    I have commented only three times ever on articles that I am disappointed by. I am hardly a troll. In fact I had to look up what hat meant.

    I am sorry that I have offended your delicate sensibilities. Does it make you feel better that I am saying sorry? I have spent most of my life apologizing to people like you. Because when I speak up it sounds “mean” or “hostile.” But I will say it again just so that you can feel better about yourself.

    And as far as what I have done… I was one of those “refugees” when I first arrived here. I was the culture and diversity mentioned in their fashion mission. Trust me, a fashion show never did a thing for people like me and those not of refugees status that surrounded me growing up. It is humiliating to see your culture appropriated because it’s fashionable. It’s even more humiliating that influential organizations support events like this one.

    And yes, I do speak/read English. Well in fact. Not all of us are in the dark and are as stupid as you assume we are. I did get an education despite the school system here. But in all of that time, I never saw a dime of the money that was “raised” by events like this put back into our community. My comments were meant to make you think about doing it differently next time. I have some suggestions too…

    And I think you meant you’re and not your. But hey, what would I know. I’m a f^cking idiot right? We’re all idiots to you aren’t we?