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YAK Car Pic of the Day

84-87 hyundai pony 1.6 copy

Living just across the river from Canada has its advantages: we can watch Hockey Night in Canada; we can listen to Canadian radio; and every once in a while a 1984-87 Hyundai Pony will make a trip across the bridge and park itself on one of our streets. Like this one seen a few weeks ago on Pine Avenue in The Falls. The Pony, South Korea’s own first mass-produced car, came quite early on in Hyundai’s export history to North America, but it never was sold in the U.S. because it didn’t meet our emissions standards. I don’t believe we missed all that much. Some markets even got a nifty pickup version (below).

autowp.ru_hyundai_pony_pickup_3— Jim Corbran, You Auto Know

  • rhmaccallum

    Looks like an aborted cross between a Ford Pinto and an AMC Gremlin.

  • Sean Danvers

    Gotta love those 80’s bumpers with the built-in accordion section for those who park by feel more than sight.