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YAK Car Pic of the Day


Yesterday we were having a discussion at work about the AMC Pacer, which reminded me that I had this photo I took last month driving home from NYC. It was somewhere between Mt. Morris and Batavia (by then, some six hours after leaving The Bronx, I was lucky enough to still be on-route). The Pacer was AMC’s last-ditch effort at a different sort of compact car, one almost as wide as a larger car, but curiously both taller, and shorter lengthwise. And glass — a ton o’glass which owners eventually complained made the car uncomfortably warm in sunny conditions. This yellow one is of the last, final ilk of Pacer — with a not-too-complimentarily-restyled front which featured a raised dome for the fitting of a V-8 engine under the hood. It didn’t help, either the styling or sales. Before the 1980s were done, AMC would be a thing of the past.

— Jim Corbran, You Auto Know