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YAK Car Pic of the Day


Over the past few years we’ve showed you four or five cars like this 1957 Buick Special two-door Riviera (Rivera being Buick-speak for pillarless hardtop back in the day). Three of those ’57 Buicks were spotted on the same lot on Pine Avenue in The Falls. As was this fourth one. At one time they were all on the lot together, but last time I drove by I think there was only one left. And it wasn’t this one. What’s somewhat unusual about this green hardtop is its monotone paint job. Remember, this was 1957, the age of “more is better” as far as car styling went. Perhaps my memory has clouded some over the years (perhaps?), but there sure were a lot of two- and three-tone cars driving around back then — especially high-end cars like Buicks, Mercurys, and DeSotos. This one looks highly restorable… and two-toneable while you’re at it!

— Jim Corbran, You Auto Know