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Ranzenhofer Using Tax Dollars To Promote His Name Over and Over

Its all about me


As a resident of Senator Michael Ranzenhofer’s district I received a post card from the Senator about an electronic recycling event. On Saturday May 10th, people can drop off old laptops, cell phones, printers, televisions etc. at the Eastern Hills Mall.

The amazing thing is that on this double sided post card Ranzenhofer’s name is mentioned 9 times! The word recycling is mentioned 3 times. It is incredible the lengths politicians will go to promote themselves, all of course at taxpayer expense. Promoting recycling is great but it certainly appears that the mailing is more about promoting Ranzenhofer.

According to a report by the Empire Center for the time period from 4/1/13 to 9/31/13, Ranzenhofer was among the top 10 highest spenders of state Senators for spending money on mail expenses. Ranzenhofer spent $58,770 during a six month period in 2013 on mail. As the Senator is running for re-election this year, you can certainly expect to see his name many more times at taxpayer expense.

Copy of postcard below.