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YAK Car Pic of the Day

56 meteor lkpt 97 copy


Yeah, it looks like a ’56 Ford, but it’s not, you hoser. It’s a 1956 Meteor Niagara hardtop, seen at the 1997 Niagara Car Show in Lockport. If you want to be totally confused, look up the history of Ford of Canada in the 1950s. Mercury needed a cheaper line of cars to sell in its dealerships, so they gave them a bunch of Fords with different series names, added restyled grilles and trim, and called them Meteors. 

1955 Meteor-23Just for good measure, the Ford dealerships asked for a car in the medium price range, so they got a bunch of likewise changed Mercurys which were called Monarchs. I remember being a kid and seeing a lot of these things over in Crystal Beach during the summer, and always referring to them as Canadian Fords and Mercurys. Because, well, that’s what they were. Even though neither line was badged as a Ford nor a Mercury. They were Meteors and Monarchs. Period.


’56 Monarch Richelieu

— Jim Corbran, You Auto Know