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A Revealing Peek at the NFL

Cover your eyes, kids!

Cover your eyes, kids!

As we learn about revived talks to designate hundreds of millions of public dollars to eventually build  a new stadium here for the Buffalo/Toronto Bills, let’s take a moment to look at the most recent tax forms filed by that struggling not-for-profit organization known as the National Football League, located at 345 Park Avenue, New York, NY. Click here to see their new office. Pretty modest, in keeping with the charitable nature of their endeavor.

NFL 2011 990

By clicking the above link, you can read on page 7 how commissioner Roger Goodell had to get by on just under $30 million in 2011. Not bad for a 40-hour work week. Former commissioner Paul Tagliabue made $8.5 million putting in a grueling zero-hour work week the same year. Over 300 others at this charity made more than $100,000 in 2011. That doesn’t include players or coaches or anything like that—just folks in suits.

Also in 2011, the NFL spent $36 million with JT Magen & Company to build the new office. Another independent contractor charged them $13.5 million for office rent. Bank of America and American Express each charged them over $6.5 million for financial and travel services, respectively. 152 other independent contractors received over $100,000 each from the largesse of this compassionate 501c6 organization.

Kinda makes your head spin.

Here are a couple more NFL 990s to consider, if you’re into that kinda stuff (NSFW!):

NFL 2010 990

NFL 2009? 990

  • BlackRockLifer

    Taxpayer subsidies to these parasites cannot be justified or excused, just another example of the wealthy exploiting the rest of us. Let the owners, players, and the various business interests pay their own way and let the so called free market sort it out.