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The Big Losers are Grammar and Logic

From the Buffalo News, here is the Buffalo Paladinoist Tea Party’s whimper of a “demonstration” that took place the other night: 

Seven or eight people with nothing better to do at 5pm on a weeknight than stand out in the cold and show pictures of guns and grammatically incorrect declarations to people. 

By contrast, the opening of a Popeye’s restaurant on Delaware Avenue yesterday saw a traffic nightmare and 2 hour-long waits. 

Of particular hilarity aren’t the gun huggers whining about the NY SAFE Act, bravely fighting off jihad and communism in the cold outside a Buffalo museum, but Carl Paladino himself holding up a sign reading, “no funding for dems”.  Here it is a bit closer, also via the Buffalo News

As I reminded you yesterday, Carl Paladino was until 2005 a lifelong Democrat. He gave the Erie County Democratic Committee $9,000 in just the past 12 months. He has donated hundreds of thousands to Democrats over the years, either directly or through his various business entities. He attended a fundraiser for Democratic Mayor Byron Brown in the last year.

Who’s the RINO now? 

  • “Just show up! Bring a placard! We don’t care what it says!”

  • Black Rock Lifer

    This is the face of the tea party, crazy, angry old white guys duped into supporting the agenda of the 1% and crazy gun nuts with pictures of weapons designed only for murder.

  • Rob Patterson

    Those red shoes in the first picture in the News slideshow are pretty sweet, though.

    • I noticed them too, but I think they’re what people call “rubbers”.

      • Rob Patterson

        Even better! I bet he never loses them.

      • rhmaccallum

        I had to go back and take a look. I was concerned they might have been the ruby rubbers.

  • Colin Eager

    The way these things tend to work is that somebody has a bunch of signs that they bring out to each protest, and folks grab one when they arrive. It’s unlikely that Paladino made that sign at home before the demo. I’ve had a few “wait, what does this sign say?” moments myself.

  • My favorite is the Molon Labe, but he didn’t bring a gun – he brought a _picture_ of a gun. Big-dicked badass, right there.

  • Sean Danvers

    I like the guy who can’t be bothered to even hold the sign up, so he just balances it sideways on the ground.That my friends, is dedication to the cause.

  • hwhamlin

    As always, Republicans appreciate the kind advice from the Dems on maintain the integrity of the Party. We know you have our best interests at heart.
    How are Cynthia McKinney and Sheila Jackson Lee doing these days — the core of your Establishment?

    • ckg1

      McKinney isn’t in Congress anymore, GENIUS!

      • hwhamlin

        Neither is Carl Paladino. PROFESSOR!

      • ckg1

        YOU’RE the one who brought McKinney and Lee into this.

        Paladino has never served in government, so your take is full of FAIL.

      • hwhamlin

        They are true believers and defenders of the liberal faith. (Speaking of FAIL!)

      • ckg1

        How often do you hear or see McKinney in the media these days? Lee? I dare say, very little.

        Paladino, OTOH…

      • What is it about conservatives and black females?

  • And who is laughing all the way to the bank? The rich developer, the 1% and the politicians. The farce presented here is doing a masterful job convincing the sheeple they have a horse in the race.

    • UncleBluck

      Well the 6 “sheeple” standing next to him…..anyway……

    • Horace Hornee-Horse

      They used to have a horse in this race. But then Carl forwarded email porn that I sent for his eyes only! Now, I wouldn’t let him carry my poop bag!