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Outrageous Part Time Jobs

Filed under: Local Politics


The New York State Inspector General’s Office investigates improper activity occurring at state agencies. Recently the Inspector General looked into how former Erie County Legislator and former New York Power Authority Board member Elise Cusack obtained a part time job in 2010 paying $77,500. The Inspector General pointed out the ethical issues involved with serving on the Power Authority Board and seeking a paid position at the same time.

The more interesting questions are:

– How did this part time position paying $77,500 get created?

– Was the position advertised to the public?

– Were any other individuals besides Cusack interviewed?

– Who made the decision to hire Cusack?

– What exactly did Cusack do in her job, which she resigned from in 2011?

Cusack’s part time $77,500 job is not the only outrageous part time job in existence. Ronald Brown a close friend of Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown (no relation), made $74,792 in a part time position at the Buffalo Sewer Authority in 2012. You can look this up for yourself at

Ronald Brown also serves as a Commissioner on the Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority Board of Directors, an appointment made by Mayor Brown. It would be interesting to know the answers to the same questions raised above as to how Ronald Brown landed such a high paying part time job, which he continues to serve in today.

  • Ridgewaycynic2013

    Maybe Ms. Cusack and Brown checked into one of those internet ‘work part time from home’ scams you see increasingly on Disqus?

  • Know Saint

    Even though I agree with Paul Wolf about Cusack, there is a bit of disingenuousness to his posts. I usually chuckle at his many posts when they concern patronage jobs, as it seems to me that Paul Wolf has developed a kind of fatal attraction with these jobs.

    After having a long series of very lucrative patronage jobs himself, all in the past unfortunately for Paul, it seems that since his last patronage position somehow expired, that he now is against these jobs, and against the “evil politics” that helped land people these positions in the first place. But what about the politics that landed him his many patronage jobs in the past?

    What’s with all that?

    • PaulWolf

      I certainly played the game for many years and obtained patronage jobs. My last patronage job at the Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority I walked away from and quit on my own.

      I got an up close view of how politics works in Buffalo and quite honestly it sickened me. Now I spend time pointing out things that can and should be reformed. Tax payer funded part time jobs paying $75,000 take patronage to an outrageous level in my opinion.

  • BufChester

    Another question. Cusack left the job, but does it still exist, and if so who has it now and under what circumstances did they get it?