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YAK Car Pic of the Day

72 chev p:u grn nf copy

One more from the series I call: When a Pickup Was a Truck. A 1972 Chevy Fleetside Custom Series 10 in Meadow Green, yer basic work half-ton with a set of fancy-schmancy rims (and the optional solid-wood exterior parking brake system). A reminder of the times we lived in back then: the brochure describes the bench seat as “…an expansive three man seat.” These days it would seat three persons. Seen a few days ago in Niagara Falls. Check out the ’72 Chevy pickup brochure here.

— Jim Corbran, You Auto Know

  • rhmaccallum

    Remember those trucks with the straight six-banger? Remember being able to sit on the wheel well and have room to change out an alternator or other various repairs? Remember those wonderful window flaps and the air you could force through the cab…before they eliminated such things?
    Ah…nostalgia! They were great rucks.
    I had two of these ’72 Chevy’s. Once I had beaten the first one to death I found another and put the first behind the barn for a parts truck.

  • MaxPlanck

    I yearn for the days when pickups were utilitarian machines, used for work and the transport of real, tangible goods and tools, not merely serving as swollen, jacked-up icons of suburban machismo egos.

    I had a used ’72 C100 with a six and 3-speed that had been in the service of a landscaper before I bought it. That truck was beat but never stopped running. Indestructible machines.