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New York Marcellus Gas Potential Explained

Click here to watch a presentation by retired systems engineer / systems architect Jerry Acton that should help you understand why companies like Norse Energy were doomed to fail. Not because New York State is unfriendly to the natural gas industry; but rather because the cold, hard facts of geology contradict the gaseous hyperbole spouted by pro-frackers. There likely just ain’t so much gas in them thar hills of our southern tier.

Makes you wonder why the venerable UB Shale Resources and Society Institute—being an affiliate of the State University of New York at Buffalo—wouldn’t have looked into such a fundamental aspect of high-volume horizontal fracturing in New York State before publishing a flawed, pro-fracking paper that only served to damage UB’s academic reputation.

Oh yeah

SRSI tombstone



  • Peter_A_Reese

    It’s negative thinking like this which holds WNY back.

    Whether it’s a new Old First Ward zoo, a BassPro on the Buffalo River, Bioinformatics, Nanotechnology, the Medical Rumpus, Hamister Hotel or Delaware North HQ, you just have to believe and it will all come true. Don’t be confused by facts. I’m sure there is plenty of gas down there in the ground somewhere. One just has to have the insanely reckless courage and the gumption to destroy enough precious public resources and pristine countryside to extract it.