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Accounting is Spooky!

Campaign finance is fun. Let’s look at the accounting for the Republican candidate for comptroller. Specifically, about $2,000 in donations. The following amounts are disclosed as contributions to “Taxpayers for Stefan”: 

FRIENDS OF ELISE CUSACK 8/31/2012 $385.11
FRIENDS OF ELISE CUSACK 8/31/2012 $337.58
Friends of Dr. Barry Weinstein 9/25/2012 $100.00
HUMISTON FOR ASSEMBLY 10/3/2012 $350.00
Friends of Dr. Barry Weinstein 10/17/2012 $150.00
FRIENDS OF RON PILOZZI 9/4/2013 $150.00
 TOTAL:    $1,972.69

Oddly enough, not a single one of these donations turns up in the “other monetary” disclosure section of Mychajliw’s campaign account. 

Cusack’s donations from 2012 show up nowhere in Mychajliw’s reports from that time. (11 day pre-primary, 10 day post-primary). 

Weinstein’s late-2012 contributions show up in his January 2013 report, but not Mychajliw’s January or 10 day27 day post-General reports 

Humiston’s Assembly campaign fund reveals its donation in the January 2013 report, but not in any report of Mychajliw’s. (10 day post-General)

Same with Ranzenhofer’s 2012 money. As for Pilozzi’s 2013 money

In June and early July, there is $198 from the campaign funds of Judge Howe, $250 from Guy Marlette, and $5,500 from ECGOP and the West Seneca town committee

In July 2013, we have a $250.00 contribution from M&T PAC

In August 2013, there is $250 from Ranzenhofer’s campaign, and another $300 from Howe’s

In late August and early September, there is $300 from the Clarence and Boston committees, and $150 from National Fuel Gas PAC

Later in September, we have $250 from John Mills’ campaign, and $100 from David DiPietro’s campaign, and $100 from an Amherst political club

Mid-October brings a contribution of $500 from Guy Marlette’s treasury, and $1000 from the ECGOP

I have omitted some unreported donations (Kevin Hardwick, Tom Wik) because they were under the $100 threshold for reporting itemized donations. However, the amounts shown above are disclosed by their donors, but not disclosed by the recipient, as required by law.  

  • hwhamlin

    Does Kevin Gone have donors?

  • Colin Eager

    A system that allows only a small group of people access to power will never hold those same people accountable. They can do whatever they like.

  • Larry Burch

    Nobody has ever accused Mychajliw of knowing how to do anything that requires accounting skills. While this is a very small amount of money…I think the guy who is trying to convince us he should continue to be CFO of a $1.5 billion government should be able to competently fill out financial disclosure forms.

  • wnyresident

    I gotta 🙂

    “One’s personal ability to pay a tax bill, which could very well have been brought about simply through bad guessing
    and not having enough cash to cover an unexpectedly large tax bill,
    doesn’t necessarily reflect on one’s ability to conduct audits and
    ensure that government personnel and processes are running as smoothly
    and efficiently as possible.”

    Alan says “Oddly enough, not a single one of these donations turns up in the “other monetary” disclosure section of Mychajliw’s campaign account.”

    Alan, perhaps Mychajliw was just guessing on the reports. Just made some bad guesses. No harm.. right?

    • What?

      • wnyresident

        What do you mean what? Read what I think I said.

        You are trying to justify Kevin’s lack of paying the IRS because he may have guessed badly on what he owed in taxes.

        I’m saying Stefan guessed badly when filling out his campaign reports.

      • Ridgewaycynic2013

        I think the one thing Stefan guessed badly on was his level of popularity with the electorate.

  • hwhamlin

    Somehow, I doubt these startling revelations will cause Republicans to flee Stefan the way Democrats are fleeing Obamacare.

  • Guest

    Career candidate (aka career loser) Kevin Gaughan has a history of campaign finance irregularities. When career candidate and six time campaign loser Kevin Gaughan ran against Bill Paxon for congress in 1990, Gaughan ILLEGALLY accepted a $10,000 donation in the form of a loan guarantee from developer Frank McGuire. The FEC determined that Gaughan had violated campaign finance law by illegally accepting a donation in excess of the $1,000 contribution limit in place at that time. Gaughan and McGuire were each fined $1,800 by the FEC.

    Gaughan’s defense? He pleaded ignorance. Well ignorance isn’t gonna work in the Comptroller’s office where there are numerous accounting and finance laws that need to be obeyed.


    Interestingly enough, not only was Gaughan fined by the FEC for violating federal election law, he was also DELINQUENT in his final installment payment to the FEC! Gaughan has a chronic problem paying his bills on time. First paying late to the FEC, and then having numerous liens held against him from the Hyatt Hotel, the NYS Department of Taxation and Finance, and the NFTA. This is, of course, all in addition to him being at one point $28,000 in debt to the IRS. The guy is a serial bill dodger. This all for an office where the job description is exactly that – paying bills on time! That’s right, the comptroller’s office is essentially an accounts payable office.

    I have no doubt that Gaughan is a very smart and talented guy, but his macro approach to regional issues has no place in the micro oriented comptroller’s office, where debits and credits rule. That’s right his law degree and training at the London School of Economics has little to no relevance to the comptrollers office, where debits and credits, and sound accounting principles are king.

    Furthermore, if this walking accounting disaster were to somehow actually be elected, would he actually focus on comptroller duties, or would he spend his time evangelizing his downsizing doctrine (Policy the comptroller has absolutely no influence over)? I have my doubts, as Gaughan, the downsizing fetishist, has devoted the last 2 decades of his life to that single issue. Why would he stop now after being so singularly focused for so long? The comptroller’s office is an accounting office, not a policy shop.

    • 1990? You have to reach back 23 years?

      • Guest

        It might be 23 years ago, but just another instance of disturbing financial irregularities in Gaughan’s past. We have numerous PUBLIC records of Gaughan’s messy finances. Just imagine the things that aren’t public record that we don’t know about…

  • UncleBluck

    So here is your choice Dreary County….a guy with a journalism degree that has been fired from the only 2 journalistic jobs he had or the failed attorney who forgets to pay his taxes….both with no accounting background….and people wonder why WNY has been going down the tubes for decades….