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IT’S AN OUTRAGE! (Marshawn Lynch Edition)

 While discussing who is going to play quarterback on Sunday after learning that Thaddeus Lewis sat out Wednesday’s practice while trying to recover from the pounding he suffered in New Orleans, the We Want Marangi editorial board came to a shocking realization (thanks to the keen eye of Mrs. WWM).

It has been a while since a national figure or media outlet said, published or broadcast anything less than effusively glowing about the wonders of the City of Buffalo and the surrounding area. As a result, the local citizenry has been denied a key source of manufactured outrage.

Fortunately, Deadspin, ESPN and former Bills running back Marshawn Lynch are here to help.

Yesterday, Deadspin published a pair of clips dealing with Lynch’s time in Buffalo. The first was from an ESPN E:60 profile of Lynch that ran earlier this week in which he discovered that he might have been well-served by paying closer attention to his geography schooling.

I just knew I was going to New York. I thought I was going to be out there with Jay-Z … and then when I finally landed in Buffalo, it was like slush on the ground, it just finished snowing. I didn’t know nothing about no snow.

In the second, the dryly offbeat Kenny Mayne accompanies Lynch on a tour of his favorite nightspots in an effort to investigate his predecessor’s disdainful analysis of Buffalo nightlife. So, of course, they go to Applebee’s and Dave and Buster’s. Right there is some selective reporting, since Lynch became uncomfortably familiar with the local bar districts during his stint with the Bills.

(NOTE: You could go watch them for yourself, or watch the entire E:60 profile below. But if you enjoy getting yourself all worked up about such things, don’t bother — context can really ruin a good harrumph.)

There’s an awful lot here to get bunched up about. Not once does Lynch say a word about architecture, or mention any of the following: Radial street layout. Super-hep pockets of gentrification. Low cost of living, particularly in the city’s eastern, southern, and western areas. Taxpayer-subsidized development. Syracuse gets more snow! Grain elevators! FRANK LLOYD TACO TRUCK!

We will get back to that whole quarterback thing once it becomes more clear whether Lewis will really be able to play, and Doug Marrone is sandbagging the Kansas City Chiefs, or if there is any real possibility of Jeff Tuel or Matt Flynn starting against the NFL’s last unbeaten team.

In the meantime, get your righteous indignation on.
David Staba has written about the Buffalo Bills, among other topics, since 1990 for a variety of outlets, including We Want Marangi since way back in 2012.