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Traveling Band Robbed in Buffalo

Filed under: Music

BLIND OWL BANDUNCOOL: The Blind Owl Band played at Sportsmen’s Tavern last night and then had their trailer broken into and gear stolen.

Music stores, pawn shops, Craigslist visitors, Buffalo Police—be on the lookout for their stuff. If you think you can help these troubadours retrieve the tools of their trade, contact them via their Facebook page.

  • Marquil

    Hey, Buffalo. These guys are from Saranac Lake. Your image up here is already bad enough. Give back their stuff and we’ll forget this unfortunate incident ever happened. Okay?

    • Lillian Llacer

      Hey Marquil, that’s not the most charming way to ask for assistance. I’m not sure why Buffalo’s image is bad enough in Saranac Lake. You don’t have any assholes there who steal stuff? Everybody has assholes who steal stuff. Don’t be an asshole who posts rude stuff, OK?

  • mithogo

    Thanks for posting this. I sent word out to a few music stores in the area.

  • mithogo

    List of things stolen for any who are on the look out. Take a look at
    our photos to see closer details, 1 Weber Mandolin (Gallatin) Light
    natural finish, 1 1942 Kay Stand up, Double Bass, 1 Fender p-Bass
    Fretless, Black, 1 Stelling Banjo, 1 Martin Guitar, 1 Ashdown Bass Head,
    50 or so Blind Owl Band T-Shirts, CD’s, Hot Sauce, and Jame’s Purse.

  • Jen

    I have the pleasure of seeing this band play in Saranac Lake several times. They’re so talented, and I enjoyed my time in thier hospitable town so many times, I’m saddened that they had this experience in my hometown.