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Mychajliw Declines to Appear on Political Talk Show Together With Gaughan

This morning, the campaign of Kevin Gaughan for Erie County Comptroller issued a press release titled “Mychajliw Ducks Debate With Gaughan.” The press release says that Gaughan’s opponent, the Republican incumbent Stefan Mychajliw, backed out of a scheduled appearance with Gaughan on WBBZ-TV.

The title of Gaughan’s press release is 80 percent correct: Switch out one word—”debate” for “political talk show”—and it’s about right, according to the show’s host, John Di Sciullo, director of production and promotion for the station.

Di Sciullo says he invited both candidates for a “structured discussion,” not so much a debate. Still, he hoped they would appear together. But Mychajliw told Di Sciullo he was declining any appearances with his opponent. So Di Sciullo interviewed each candidate separately. The interviews will air on WBBZ-TV October 31 at 9am and November 3 at 11am.

  • rhmaccallum

    Declining any appearances with his opponent? Can’t blame him. Why would you willingly walk into your own drubbing?

  • Andrew Kulyk

    As an operative involved with the Taxpayers For Stefan campaign, I feel compelled to respond to this article with some further clarification.

    This campaign season, Comptroller Mychajliw has shared the dais with his opponent Mr. Gaughan on no fewer than 11 occasions at various public functions. In fact, a League of Women Voters sponsored event held last week in the Town of Aurora can be found on You Tube, and the two candidates got into an animated discussion on several topics, including one’s moral and legal responsibility as American citizens to file tax returns and pay their obligations to the IRS.

    Just Monday night,there was a candidates forum at Clarence Town Hall. I was in the gallery and Comptroller Mychajliw was there to make a presentation. Mr. Gaughan’s chair was empty, despite the presence of several Democratic candidates as well as the presence of the Clarence Democratic Town Chair who was in the audience.

    Comptroller Mychajliw has been available at candidate events, public forums and functions throughout Erie County and willingly engages the public to discuss the business of the Comptrollers office and County finances. Mr. Gaughan’s ridiculous press release is nothing more than a desperate attempt by a candidate whose campaign is rudderless to score points with the public. I’m sure the voters know better.

    • Oswald Carnes

      Last time Comptroller Mychajliw was running for office, he promised to end patronage hiring. What steps has he taken since election to accomplish this goal?

  • Andrew Kulyk

    Mychajliw and Gaughan in Aurora…Here you go…