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Cuomo Is The Richard Nixon Of Albany



When Andrew Cuomo ran to be the Governor of New York he promised that his administration would be the most open and transparent administration ever. Yet time after time he does not back up his talk on open government.

The latest example involves a Freedom of Information request by the Buffalo News seeking copies of communications regarding the negotiation of the Buffalo Bills stadium lease. Erie County to its credit released copies of documents including emails. A Buffalo News article contains the following quote regarding the Cuomo administrations cooperation with the News request:

“The Cuomo administration did not release, as requested by The News, any negotiating documents from 2012 to provide insight into the tentative deal that Cuomo announced in December”.

State and County taxpayers are paying $95 million of the $130 million lease deal, and it is outrageous to me that the Cuomo administration can ignore a Freedom of Information request and outright refuse to provide documents as requested.

Governor Cuomo despite his talk in support of open government has established a bad pattern of not operating government in an open way. Check out these Cuomo moves:

– Cuomo and his top staff use an untraceable email service on their BlackBerries to communicate.

– Cuomo administration officials purged records from the state archives from Cuomo’s time as attorney general.

– Despite a Freedom of Information request from the New York Times, Cuomo has refused to release a ten-minute video he and his aides mocking their reputation for secrecy, that was played it at the Albany press corps’ annual gala.

– The details of Cuomo’s legislative items are often not publicly disclosed with enough time for public discussion and input.

– During his campaign, Governor Cuomo pledged to increase transparency in the governor’s office by posting his meetings on the internet, but his online schedule rarely contain more detail than a single sentence identifying the city where the governor will spend the day. As Attorney General Cuomo refused to provide a copy of his schedule, something that previous Attorney Generals did not have a problem with.

Cuomo acts like the Richard Nixon of Albany! 

 I am not calling Governor Cuomo a criminal when comparing him to Richard Nixon. All I am saying is that like Nixon, Cuomo has a paranoid, thin skinned, bully, secretive side that has been reported by others:


  • marinemec

    Cuomo only looks South from Albany and it’s all about the numbers. NYC was a seperate entity called NYMA (New York Metropolitan Area) which had more restrictions and regulations due to it’s populus. Cuomo is trying to meld the whole state together and does not realize that this cannot be done which goes against his ex brother in law, RFK Jr’s, far left Liberal ideology. NYC people seem to get into an uproar about any subject if fed the right propaganda, gas drilling for instance. This may sound bias but people for the most part upstate, pay more attension to world reality rather than the cocoon world of NYC. Cuomo has been leaning to the far left on many subjects (Gun Control and Gas Drilling) which has hurt his political career and it shows in his poll numbers. The truth is, if NYC and upstate were reversed, Cuomo’s numbers would be much lower and if the people of upstate NY were voting for a Presidential candidate, Cuomo would lose by a landslide. As of now, Obama and his non accountable far left Liberalism is destroying this country from the inside out, and Cuomo already proved his alliance with the far left agenda. The question is, how long can America endure these reckless far left administrations before we all fall flat on our faces and our country is completely ruined.

    • ckg1

      “Liberal”? “Far-left?”

      Psshh! Please.

      Neither Obama or Cuomo can even REMOTELY be called by those names.


      • marinemec

        Typical response, personal attacks with no content is the Far left Liberal way. At least give an opinion with some intelligence.

      • ckg1

        Your take DESERVES none of what you demand.

        All I can see is stuff that got upchucked like last night’s dinner. You don’t even bother to provide any ideas of your own, which is amusing in its own right-seeing as how you want ME to do what you fail to do. Oh, is that a “personal attack”? TOUGH.

  • Uncleezra

    Thanks for the thoughtful look at something that’s been bothering me for a while, but which I haven’t really been able to put into words the way you have. This isn’t a right v. left or Dems v. Reps. issue the way some commenters have framed it. Openness is something all people should care about.

  • Cuomo may be obsessive about secrecy and security, but that hardly makes him Nixon. I’m not aware of him retaining the services of burglars to break and enter into his opponents’ campaign HQ and then covering it up.