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Sedita’s Letter to the PBA

In yesterday’s print paper, we wrote about the somewhat sarcastic letter Erie County District Attorney Fran A. Sedita III sent to the Buffalo Police Benevolent Association, dismissing the PBA’s request that he examine a campaign commercial for the re-election of Mayor Byron Brown to determine whether it broke state and federal laws by using uniformed police officers.

Here’s the PBA’s letter, along with Sedita’s response.

  • 25 Delaware

    Somewhat sarcastic? If I were Detective Gambino, I’d flip. It’s completely demeaning. Here are some gems from it:

    – “Notwithstanding the question of whether your investigation agency has conducted any meaningful investigation …”

    – “naturally, I have dismissed the cynical suggestion that your call for an investigation of Mayor Brown is politically inspired”

    – “Assuming that I have misread the opinion and that an investigation is warranted, I think it important to mention the crucial, but often over-looked, distinction between a criminal investigation and a criminal prosecution.”

    Do you really think it’s a good idea to talk that way to fellow law enforcement people?

    Actually Frank, you have poorly interpreted the opinion. A police officer as a private citizen can be in a television commercial. A police officer IN UNIFORM, WITH POLICE CARS AS PROPS, and WHILE ON POLICE GROUNDS gets a different interpretation because it’s coercive, and implies that the entire police force is of the same opinion.

    • 25 Delaware

      And while you’re at it, man up Frank!

  • Phil Reilly

    Best. Photoshop. Ever.