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Public Comments…Anyone? Anyone?

A-dog-and-pony-show-was-just-one-of-the-many-actsSo you’ve heard about the new UB medical school, which is planned to rise nearly 200 feet into the sky at the southwest corner of Main and High streets? Did you know you’ve missed the public comment period by a month? Did you know there was a public scoping meeting on October 22, 2012 held “to provide an opportunity for the public to identify specific issues and environmental impacts that should be addressed in a Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) for the Phase 1 of the School of Medical and Biological Sciences”?

Here at Artvoice, we never receive notices about these kinds of meetings. Wonder why. We’re a newspaper and stuff.

Anyway, this October 22 event appears to have been one of the most pathetically under-attended meetings in the vast annals of dog and pony shows. Only one person signed in. And she didn’t have any questions to ask, according to this court reporter’s account of the meeting.

The event lasted a grand total of 22 minutes, including scintillating banter among Christopher Marcella, director of design for the State University Construction Fund; Christopher McGrath, project manager for the State University Construction Fund; and Pat Heaton and Ben Brazzell from EDR Companies, an environmental consulting firm based in Syracuse and Rochester that was working on the SEQR for the project.

The meeting was held at—where else?—St. John Baptist Church.

Click here if you are interested in looking at the piles of literature that have been generated around this secretive “Project 30B08.”


  • BufChester

    It’s actually the southeast corner, but only a crank would point that out.

    This is certainly interesting, I do recall that there was a presentation/event of some sort at the Allendale Theater that was publicized around Allentown, but it was more of an informational event than a hearing.

    What seems odd is that the official hearing would take place even before an architect was selected, but it really only make sense that the state would create an easy review process for itself. And since it is a state project there is no formal/binding review needed at the city or county levels.

  • Stevensen Liu
  • Stevensen Liu