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US Postal Service Records Every Single Piece of Mail

mail sorterThe New York Times reports how the post office takes photos of everything sent by the US mail. 160 billion pieces of mail last year alone thanks to the Mail Isolation Control and Tracking program, rolled out in (of course) 2001. Click here to read the story, featuring Buffalo’s very own “small bookstore” owner Leslie James Pickering.

Emails, phone calls, and now, snail mail—it’s all being logged, just in case the authorities ever decide they want to go back and see who you’ve been communicating with.

Because, security.

All I can say is the next time I forward one of those chain mail/pyramid scheme/get rich quick letters to ten people, I’m leaving these mofos off the list.


  • Nate!

    Don’t worry, if you’re not a criminal you have nothing to worry about. The Gov’t spying on your correspondence is just them doing their due diligence to stop terrorist. Hope you don’t leave your webcam open

  • jamesholstun

    There’s something almost sweet about the Keystone Snoops, who can’t remember not to mail the monitor notice to the person being monitored.

    Power Maketh Stupid