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YAK Car Pic of the Day



Before there was the Nissan Sentra, which is still being produced, there was the 1982 Datsun Sentra, the first-year replacement for the Datsun 210. This was during the time that Nissan was phasing out the Datsun name and replacing it with Nissan. For a while, to get the buying public used to the Nissan name, they were badged “Datsun by Nissan.”

In Japan, the car we know as Sentra is called Sunny, a name which goes back to 1966. This blue Sentra was seen recently in a driveway on Buffalo’s East Side.

— Jim Corbran, You Auto Know

  • arugula

    I also live in Buffalo and own a Datsun Sentra, mine’s red. Mine may be a year newer. It’s an ’82. It was my great grandmother’s. A couple years ago, I drove it across the country from Oregon. Wave “Hi” if you see me.

    • akhag

      Hi Arugula,
      I just discovered that my Sentra has been discovered! Mine is also an ’82, and I also drove it across the country. My partner must have driven by your Sentra a while back, because he mentioned that he saw my car’s brick red twin.