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Influence Survey: Bruce Fisher on Who’s Working For Us

For this week’s cover story, we polled a number of local folks about positive and negative influences in our region—people, ideas, circumstances. In the days to come, we’ll publish the responses we received in full here. 

Here’s what Bruce Fisher, AV columnist and director of Buffalo State’s Center for Economic and Policy Studies, has to say:

Positive—Artvoice, teachers and other public servants, medical professionals, restaurateurs, the arts community, those involved in scholastic and collegiate sports, and anybody else striving to a national standard. Admirable and courageous elected officials worthy of respect: Andrew Cuomo, Charles Schumer, Louise Slaughter, Sean Ryan, Mark Grisanti, Tim Kennedy, David Franczyk, Mike LoCurto, Darius Pridgen, and the enduring and imperturbable Sheldon Silver, who steadfastly advocates for the working poor, professional public servants, the environment, the disabled, and for higher education.

Negative—rent-seeking real estate developers and the politicians who cower before them, the Stan Lipsey anti-worker and anti-government voice that lingers on in our major media, the anti-urban leadership of the Diocese of Buffalo, Ralph Wilson, and Carl Paladino, whose considerable talent and energy have been neutered by his intellectual dishonesty and by his rage, and whose gubernatorial candidacy gave this region an undeservedly negative reputation.

Should be more influential—advocates of green energy, scientists who win peer-reviewed grant competitions, Victor and Corinne Rice, Jody Lomeo, and Howard Zemsky, whose skills as a bridge-builder and team-leader are being undermined by the rent-seekers, plus all those parish priests, ministers, and all the other religious whose message gentles and comforts, but gets shouted down.

  • Hear, Hear!

  • rastamaniac

    “the Stan Lipsey anti-worker and anti-government voice that lingers on in our major media” AMEN. Add to that his pal Bordeaux Bob Wilmers who brought us the educational Ebola Virus in James Williams and now dares to rear his unrepentant mug in an attempt to further destroy the teachers union with the addition of TFA (known by real teachers as Teach for a While and Teach until Law School) into our schools. I think this bluenose union hater owes the city’s kids an apology for the destruction his graduation rate lowering union buster brought here before anyone even listens to any more of his shite. Talk about balls man. The guy acts like nothing happened. well a lot happened Bobby but you were busy picking grapes and sailing and you must have missed it.