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YAK Car Pic O’ the Day

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It seems fitting to re-introduce the “You Can’t Get ‘Em Here” feature on this St. Patrick’s Day with this first-generation Ford Ka, which I photographed on an Adare, Ireland street back in 2007. The Ka began production for the 1996 model year for European sales, and is still being sold today. The tiny, Geo Metro-like proportions are perfect for the narrow roads (and high petrol costs) of many roads on the other side of the pond. And you can’t deny that its styling makes it easily identifiable in a crowded parking lot. Travelers to Brazil and some other South and Central American countries can also spot the Ka in traffic, as it’s been in production there for the same period of time. In 2008 Ford introduced the second-generation Ka, which for the European market is based on, and built on, the same Polish assembly lines as the Fiat 500. The new Brazilian Ka however, is now a completely different car (Ka?) from its Euro counterpart. You can see them both by clicking the red links.

no straightedge was allowed in the styling studio

apparently straightedges weren’t allowed in the styling studio

Jim Corbran, You Auto Know