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YAK Car Pic of the Day



It’s one last look at AMC, as we commemorate the 25th anniversary of their passing. And this was definitely one of their last gasps: the 1983 Renault Alliance, basically a French Renault 9 (the 1982 European Car of the Year), which was Americanized and built by AMC in Kenosha, Wisconsin. By this time, Renault owned AMC; the French carmaker saw the deal as getting their other foot in the door of the American market, while AMC saw the arrival of much need dollars… okay, francs, needed to keep them afloat. It turned out to be a lose/lose situation, even though the 1983 Alliance received the coveted Motor Trend Magazine Car of the Year Award, the wheels quickly fell off the cart as the Alliance was plagued with quality control problems from the onset. Rumor has it the Alliance was also awarded the “Junkyard Dealers Car of the Year Award” for the spike in business it brought on. The Alliance lasted, with the addition of a few more model variants, until 1987.

'86 Alliance drop-top

’86 Alliance drop-top

— Jim Corbran, YouAuto Know