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YAK Car Pic of the Day



Driving through (across?) Grand Island yesterday (which I am wont to do each Monday through Friday) I happened to wander back behind a repair garage (see previous parenthetical comment) and came across this 1983-86 Porsche 928S — something you certainly don’t see every day. The 928 was introduced for model year 1977 (when it horrified many Porschefiles, as not only was it powered by a V-8 engine, but that engine was mounted in the front of the car!) and continued on through the 1995 model year, when prices (which by then had crept up to over $82K) and sales (which were dropping like a lead balloon) brought 928 production to a halt.  The web site How Stuff Works has a very comprehensive history of the 928 which you can see here

and here's the other end

and here’s the other end

— Jim Corbran, You Auto Know