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YAK Car Pic of the Day

How about the next few Fridays we focus on some really ugly-ass cars? There have been plenty of them over the years, but it seems that the 1970s were just lousy with them. Like this 1977 Oldsmobile Toronado XSR. It had a wrap-around rear window, and two power T-Tops that slid sideways electronically into the roof. Oh, and it was so troublesome that only one was made. Then Olds threw in the towel — but not before the brochure was printed, touting the virtues of this gargantuan car which had the “open air feeling of a convertible.” Had this thing been produced, and sold decently, the warranty claims alone may have bankrupted GM years ago. The one XSR that GM built was red — the artwork was touched-up for the brochure, producing a phantom silver XSR for all posterity. There was also an XS, similar except for the power roof, which was produced, and 2,713 of them left the factory. The June 2003 issue of Collectible Automobile magazine did a feature on the lone, restored XSR, which is worth looking for.

the restored original


pretty complex design







 — Jim Corbran, You Auto Know

  • MaxPlanck

    You picked a dandy, Jim. That car is a real visual offense and symbolizes how off-track Detroit was in the 70’s, ready to hand off their market share to the Asians and Europeans by arrogantly believing  that anything they’d produce would be bought.

  •  You guys must be kidding. Do you know how special this car is and what it could have done to the market if it went into production? Several hundred orders were waiting before GM dropped the idea. The last American convertible was offered the year before and people were going crazy for an open air car. This could have changed automobile history. Worth a fortune today.