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Linwood Bike Traffic Light: Hurry Up and Go!

Linwood Avenue is the most progressive street in Buffalo, in terms of transportation infrastructure. Thanks to the advocacy efforts of GoBike Buffalo, supportive neighbors, and a public works department in city hall that’s become open to new ideas, Linwood has been transformed from a bumpy, high-speed rush hour race track where cyclists had to endure a white knuckle ride next to agitated motorists—into an efficient single lane of automobile traffic bounded by north and southbound bike lanes on either side. Riders facing into traffic have the benefit of their own dedicated traffic lights at cross-streets. The street is so civilized, it’s almost impossible to believe it’s in Buffalo.

And now, just when it seemed that commuting by bike on Linwood couldn’t get any cooler, they’ve installed this ultra-hip bicycle traffic light where Linwood begins, at North street. Note the bicycle icon gobo.

There’s just one little problem, which should be apparent when you watch this little video I shot with my phone.

The light stays green for just four seconds before turning yellow. It goes from red, to green, and back to red again in a total of seven seconds.

Maybe a little more tweaking with the timing of the various lights could buy cyclists a little more time to cross? Until then, bikers, be ready to pedal the second the light turns green.