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Oh Where, Oh Where Has Amodeo Gone? Part V: Aftermath

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The preliminary tallies show that as many people voted for Grisanti as voted for someone else.     Unfortunately, there were three someone else’s.      A concerted run could have won this for the Democrats in spite of the over-the-top spending plowed into Grisanti’s campaign.     The following picture has nothing to do with this story, but it is funny and it helps to block out column inches to obscure my fellows bloggers posts:



Unlike Mitt’s concession speech, Grisanti’s victory address was brought to you in large part by the stupidity of the Erie County Democratic Party Executive Committee.    When Nick Langworthy thinks of candidates for Republican Man of the Year, he should consider names like Lenihan, Ward and Syposs.

  • WNY_Guy

     Swanick would have gotten crushed by Grisanti one on one. He had a list of negatives against him a mile long, the Red-Green budget, the costly County Leg mailers under his control, double dipping, etc. (Grisanti had a +29 favorability, Swanick -9) He couldn’t raise the money to be competitive and the money spent by NOM was a joke. And the cherry on top of the crap sundae, his campaign staff was completely incompetent.

    The Republicans will be giving that award to Steve Pigeon, Chuck Swanick and the merry band of morons such as yourself who effectively blocked a Democrat with an actual chance of winning that race from getting in because Swanick would be on the ballot no matter what. Swanick was never going to win a Democratic primary because he was a Republican for the last 10 years, and he wasn’t going to win a general election because he was run out of the County Leg with torches and pitchforks because he helped bankrupt the County.

    By all means, keep living in your fantasy land, no one takes you seriously anyways.

  • M

    Leave Old Pete alone…He’s just an angry old man who likes to get even for the sake of getting even.  
    For instance. 
    1.  Pete likes Chuck Swanick.  Chuck Swanick loses in the primary.  Instead of acting like an adult, Pete spends the time between the primary and general telling everyone why Swanick should have won, and shits all over the guy who did win. 

    2.Pete likes Frank Max.  Frank Max loses at the Democratic Re-org.  Instead of acting like an adult, Pete files a lawsuit, tells everyone why Max should have won and shits all over the guy who did win.

    Its not about the democratic process with this guy, its about what Pete Reese wants.

    • ARealDem

      What is really sad M is that you probably believe what you wrote. 

      The Dem ReOrg was a rigged election. The Ward/Zellner/Poloncarz team created a two tiered voting system that gave most of their likely committe members a weighted vote equal to the democratic enrollment in their election district.  For everyone else the weighted vote was only equal to the votes governor Cuomon got on the democratic line in the last election.  A pretty small number when you remember that native WNY Carl Paladino drew plenty of enrolled democrats to his banner in that election.  If the election were truly fair then everyones weighted vote would have been the democratic enrollment in their district.  Peter and others are suing because in our Country when people in power use their power to corrupt the process we look to judges to correct the injustice.

      Swanick was not a perfect candidate, no one is, but once he became the endorsed Conservative our party faced a difficult decision.  They (Lenihan-Zellner/Poloncarz/Ward) opted to endorse another candidate. Their guy, Mike Amodeo ran a negative campaign, attacking Swanick in every mailer and commercial and linked him to the Democratic bogeyman Steve Pigeon.  Last I read about him he was in Florida trying to make sure Democrats who wanted to vote for Obama were not denied their right to vote.  Lets not forget that when Amodeo ran for assembly 2 years ago he welcomed with open arms the help of Steve Pigeon.  The decision to endorse Amodeo doomed the Democrats in this district.  Too bad, because if the Dems manage to regain the State Senate, (as seems possible) then we will only have one Dem, Tim Kennedy, who will in majority for our community.

      Unfortunately, for you M, Peter is actually all about the process.  In the former he is looking for fairness and in the other he is lamenting a lost opportunity. By the way your reference to Peter as “an old man” was an insult to seniors and makes me believe you don’t understand the significant role older americans made in building our party and country. That is too bad.

      • And there we have it. This is why Democrats will continue to fight each other, rather than Republicans. Because they have their own heads up their own asses. 

        By the way, the Democratic Party is absolutely right to never, ever again allow a person to run as a Democrat who also holds an endorsement from Ralph Lorigo’s homophobic “Conservative Party”. 

        There was a way for Democrats to credibly challenge Grisanti, but endorsing a homophobe to do it was hardly the way. 

      • WNY_Guy

         I am curious as to why Artvoice as decided to let AV Daily to become nothing more than a place for sore losers to grind their axe.

        Between the nails on the chalkboard tumblr of Peter Reese and Andy Kulyk’s constant crying because one time Jeremy Zellner was mean to him, it has really effected the product. Let Andy write about sports, at least it adds something to the site, end this Peter Reese nonsense now and let’s stick to the intelligent and value added posts of Alan and Chris.

      • Ah, yes, the only opinions AV should allow to grace it’s website are the ones you agree with. 

      • Wow, one person posts using his real name and its my BFF Alan, spewing vulgarity and megaphoning for the powerful.     What a surprise.    

        In order to save you all this effort, my next post will include canned hate responses.     I have a jargon generator which can replace you all.

      • Yes, the word “ass” is a vulgarity. I’ll get my fainting couch, and you can pretend that newcomer Amodeo, and not 20+ year public official Swanick, is the “powerful”. 

      • WNY_Guy

         The election was not rigged, New York State Election Law created the so called “two-tiered system”. And Frank Max has no problem with this system when he chose to run for in an ED, no where near his home, in Cheektowaga that was redistricted and coincidentally had one of the largest weighted votes in the County.

        And “ARealDem” I anxiously wait for your condemnation of Pete posting the other day that two women “looked hot in their hooker boots”.

      • The entire lawsuit is based on manipulation of those laws, but it’s a nice attempt to change the subject.

      • WNY_Guy

         The entire lawsuit is based on sour grapes.

      • ARealDem:    Who the heck are you?     Rational and civilized posts have no place here.     Please go away.

    • Dear Gutless “M”:

      Actually, I prefer “chronologically challenged” as a descriptor.

      Your Pal

      PS:   Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

    • …and ECDC lost every single big race they were involved in this year.  Oh, if you’re going on the offensive, at least have the stones to use your real name.