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YAK (Cheap Old Monday) Car Pic of the Day


You know, glancing through the brochure, it wasn’t just this 1953 Dodge Meadowbrook “Six” four-door Special that looked really cut-rate — all of the ’53 Dodges were in blahsville. But this one looks like Dodge made an extra effort to make you be ashamed to drive it home. If this was my Dad’s car, I’d ask him to drop me off a block from school. If it were my cab ride, I’d feel compelled to give the hack an extra tip. If it stopped while I was hitch-hiking, I’d keep walking. How cheap was it? Two grand. Even. Dodge had the nerve to advertise it as “just a few dollars more than the lowest-priced cars.” A few? The cheapest four-door Plymouth was only $1,765 — that’s almost 12 percent more. Highlights? How about a “Stern side fuel filler?” Located at the back of the car, it meant the attendant could fill your tank no matter which side of the pump you parked on! Wow! Where do I sign? You can see the entire, exciting lineup here.

“Stern side fuel filler”

— Jim Corbran, You Auto Know…