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From Wikipedia citing news sources: “In June 1983, the Romney family left their Belmont, Massachusetts home on their way to Romney’s parents’ cottage in Beach O’Pines, Ontario for an annual vacation along the shore of Lake Huron. Seamus rode in a carrier on the roof of the family’s Chevrolet Caprice station wagon for the 12 hour trip. Romney had built a windshield for the carrier to make the ride more comfortable for the dog. During the 650-mile (1,050 km) trip, Seamus had bout of diarrhea. Romney stopped at a gas station to wash the dog, the carrier and the car. With Seamus back in the carrier, the family continued on their way.”    

During the 2012 campaign, sanctimonious candidate Rick Santorum stated, “As far as Seamus the dog … the issues of character are important in this election. We need to look at all those issues and make a determination as to whether that’s the kind of person [Romney] you want to be president of the United States.”

Romney has clearly written off the bottom 47% of our country.    When Mitt is President, can the rest of us expect to be treated as well as Seamus?       If you think you’re in the dog house now, imagine how much worse it can get riding on the roof.

  • ARealDem

    This campaign is going to the dogs.

    • Carl Gorney

       It went to the dogs LONG before that…

  • hwhamlin

    Seamus made out way better than the Obama (he was Soetoro then) family dog.
    They ate him.