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Oh Where, Oh Where Has Amodeo Gone? Part IV: Rewriting History

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Image from Facebook Group Don’t Frack New York


On October 18, 2012, Bryan Ball the President of the Stonewall Democrats of WNY wrote, “When Chuck Swanick tried to run in the Democratic primary, and he came before our Executive Committee, I went in to the meeting knowing that I had to hold him accountable for his unconscionable positions on civil rights, specifically Marriage Equality. And during the meeting, it became apparent that so many of our Democrats– especially our town and village chairs– had my back, and stood with me for the values Stonewall advocates for, and the human rights the Democratic Party has always historically championed. Few times have I ever felt more proud of my party, and the working organization we have all built together.”

Guess what, Bryan, the Executive Committee didn’t have your back.    The puppet masters just happen to hate Chuck Swanick so much that they would rather leave the 60th NY Senate seat in the hands of a Republican than elect a Democrat they don’t control.    This was always going to be a tough race.    It is no secret that Mark Grisanti is close to Governor Cuomo.      Grisanti is a hydrofracker who can literally tap a well of money so stupid big that it strains the imagination of us ordinary folk to comprehend.    If there was any doubt that the bucks would be flowing, they should have been resolved in 2011 when energy czar David Koch and wife maxed out their contributions to Grisanti’s campaign for nothing, under the convenient guise that they have a gay son.    When Swanick used his Pigeon connection to secure the Conservative line and Pigeon pal Greg Davis snagged the Working Families line (I have no idea how that happened), it was clear to anyone willing to exercise the little gray cells that the only Democrat who could even give Grisanti a fight was Chuck Swanick.    For those who aren’t familiar with the drill, attorney Davis was merely a place keeper who would later be nominated for a Supreme Court judgeship somewhere in the wilds of New York City, allowing him to vacate the Working Families line.    This would open the door  to the appointment of whoever won the Democratic Primary.     Otherwise, the only way Davis could free up the WF line was to be convicted of a felony or die, both of which he subsequently deemed to be somewhat extreme.

Mike Amodeo seems like a nice guy, but his elect ability credentials are shaky.    He’s a lawyer (Isn’t everyone?    No wonder I can’t make a living.) and his political curriculum vitae consists of getting soundly beaten by Brad Rybczynski in the Democratic Primary for Assembly District 146 in 2010.      This wasn’t a lot to stack up against Swanick’s name recognition and decades of winning public office by vigorously campaigning door to door.      Swanick is a human campaigning machine.     Political operative attorney Mark Panepinto made a brief attempt at the party endorsement, but he was unceremoniously booted from the race by his pal, County Executive (Emperor) Mark Poloncarz.     Poloncarz is truly a guy who doesn’t forget his friends.     He stabs them in the back whenever he can.

When Swanick got clobbered in the ultra low turnout Democratic Primary, he was likewise trapped on the Conservative line and the Davis swithcheroo was bungled by somebody, thus allowing the Republicans to trap him in a campaign he never expected to wage.     Why Swanick got beaten so badly is a topic for a future blog, but it seems clear that he got swift boated and his campaign never responded.    I supported Swanick because I correctly concluded that he had the best chance of any Democrat.    For the record, I support marriage equality and I have never been a close ally of Chuck.     But we have marriage equality safely established in New York and Swanick has no appetite for changing the status quo, even though he would have voted against it.      Grisanti threatens to back shale gas extraction programs which will likely convert some of the most beautiful country in the world into an industrial wasteland and injure thousands of innocent, and often helpless, people.      Our Party is not issue monolithic.   This is not the Right-to-Life or the LGBT Party.    We’re not all gay, but we all need to drink water.     

So you see, Bryan, we are both going to get clobbered next Tuesday.    Clobbered by the stupidity of the Erie County Democratic Executive Committee.     This cannot fail to bring to mind the immortal words of Dean Wormer, “Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life….”     Once Grisanti gets re-elected, he will surely advance hydrofracking in southern New York, leaving a handful of poor, overworked and outgunned public interest lawyers as the last line of defense against the energy industry juggernaut.      Been there, done that, getting too old to answer the bell again.