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National Organization for Marriage: Way Off Target

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This stuff keeps on falling through the mail chute.      If you can do your own artwork and targeting database computing, these will cost about 55 cents a piece to produce and mail.      The US Post Office subsidizes this junk and they can be sent through a mailing house for about 25 cents each.    The other 30 cents is the cost of production and profit for the mail house.     Unless you are mailing at least a thousand pieces, your costs will go up from there.      If you don’t have database and artwork talent the total cost will be about a buck per piece.

 So if you’re going to incur the time, cost and effort to send out something as comically flawed as this, you really need to think about your target recipient group.     Here NOM would want to be getting their warped message to people who would be likely to vote against Senator Grisanti.     So what can we learn from their targeted group?     Ellen is a sixty-five year old Jewish American Princess Democrat from Brooklyn.     She never misses voting, so she is a super prime voter.     She is also a member of the Democratic County Committee.       While it would be difficult to discern her hometown from the voter database, a sharp analyst could pick up the other voter characterization factors.       So who got these flyers?    Probably older female Democratic prime voters.      Now why would anyone think this piece would make them vote against Grisanti?      What really makes this silly is the extra (and tough to  come by) knowledge that Ellen was first taught how to vote by her mother when she was six years old.     Milly proudly took her oldest daughter behind the curtain into a voting machine and told her, “You can either vote Democratic or you can vote Jewish.”

  • Peter, your other half taking signatures for Chuck Swanick wouldn’t have anything to do with Ellen
    Mendelsohn Reese getting a reminder from NOM to vote for him, now would it?