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Piling on the Donald, Lance Armstrong, etc.

This morning, Alan Bedenko offers several good reasons to believe that Donald Trump is an ass. No argument here.

But come on! Trump’s nutso birther antics stateside may be fodder for political chatter this election season, but that’s kid stuff compared to what he’s been up to in Scotland—where he’s bent on grooming a chunk of Scotland’s great dunes into “the greatest golf course anywhere in the world.” The King of the Comb-over has given a fresh and disgusting meaning to “ugly American” in the process. Guess what he tells the folks in Aberdeen? You guessed it! “I’m going to be creating a lot of jobs.” It’s like the phrase is a global password to allow all varieties of reckless and greedy behavior by megalomaniacs. Observe:




And while I’m devoting my Friday morning to deflating overblown pop-culture icons, let me tell you what I think about Lance Armstrong!

Or better yet, I’ll let a hero of mine, the late, great George Carlin do it for me: