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YAK Car Pic of the Day


People of a certain age (me) will look at this 1961 Plymouth Savoy sedan and think “police car.” (Maybe even Car 54 Where Are You?) Well, probably not with those white sidewall tires and full wheel covers. But this Robin’s Egg Blue beauty was Plymouth’s full-sized entry-level model for 1961. Swoopy styling? Sure. Maybe even to the point of being ugly. But certainly distinctive, even back then. Brochure copy writers often had to struggle to come up with highlights for these basest of base cars. So they wrote things like: “you even get… (a) custom-positioned front seat.” What? I wish they would have elaborated a bit on that one. The two-door Savoy with an Economy-Six and three-on-the-tree was selling for just $2,260 while this four-door was fifty bucks more. And worth every penny — after all, it had a custom-positioned front seat.

— Jim Corbran, You Auto Know…

  • MaxPlanck

    I think that there were some ’61 Plymouths used as NYC police cars in the movie ‘Serpico,’ not in the chase scenes, of course….